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Product Updates - Angel One

Now Trade Assets and Track Orders Directly From Charts on the Angel One Web App!

1 August 2023

What is New? Deciding which asset to commit your cash to can have a degree of stress involved. However, once you have decided to buy or sell, you should ideally face zero difficulty in placing and tracking the order. To make sure that is the case you now have the following features added to the …

Now Activate Derivatives Trading on Angel One with Zero Uploads!

28 July 2023

Your decision to start trading in derivatives should be one that is full of excitement and thrill. Hence you will now have zero hiccups in activating derivatives trading on your Angel One Superapp! We have integrated our KYC process with CAMSfinserv for the derivatives segment activation process on our Superapp. It ensures that while activating …

Check Out Our Top iOS Features Getting Released in the Middle of July

25 July 2023

What is New? You can now access Finnifty, or Nifty Financial Services Index directly from the Insta Trade FnO card on the Home page. MTF is now an additional order type on your standard orderpad. SGBs are now integrated on the orderpad. Finnifty Now Available on Insta Trade FnO Finnifty, as an index, is fairly …

Android Features Released in Early July That You Don’t Want to Miss!

19 July 2023

What is New? Access quality content on trading and investments via Trade buddy, Angel One’s video-based learning platform. Avail discounts for HNIs by investing Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs under the retail category in an IPO.  Trade buddy If you are looking to expand your knowledge in the world of trading and investing, …

Enjoy Automatic Funds Addition for Stock SIPs with Angel One’s Bank Mandate Feature

17 July 2023

What is New? Imagine a seamless process where your funds are automatically transferred from your bank account to your trading balance, without any effort on your part. That’s exactly what Angel One’s bank mandate feature offers.  By setting up a bank mandate, you enable the periodic transfer of funds for your Stock SIP to become …

The Wait is Over! Introducing the Basket Order on the Angel One App!

12 July 2023

What is Basket Order? A basket order allows you to place multiple orders at the same time in a single click. To do this, you simply collect multiple assets in a single basket and then place the order on them when the time is right.  You can also view the overall margin for placing multiple …

Scale Your Algo-trading to the Next Level with Angel One’s SmartAPI 

10 July 2023

Algo-trading has become the driving force behind stock market trading, symbolizing the latest advancements adopted by leading retail and institutional traders. In India, the number of traders using algo-trading may be low, yet algorithm-based trades constitute roughly 60% of the trading volume in the country. The global average for this number is even higher, at …

Taking the Trading World by Storm! Introducing the Basket Order and Multi-Charts!

6 July 2023

What is New? You can now place multiple orders with a single click using the basket order. It greatly simplifies the order journey for traders and reduces the margin requirements. You can now view multiple charts on the same scrip, with each chart showing your desired indicators, time frames and drawings. It will help you …

Check Out the Exciting iOS Features Released in the Second Half of June

5 July 2023

What is New? Use the global search option to easily access key information such as scrip details, important sections in the app and useful articles and FAQs. Hide sensitive information in your Portfolio and Portfolio Analyser pages before sharing screenshots or downloaded reports. Global Search for Easier Navigability Navigating an app with a large number …

Unveiling the Super Portfolio on the Angel One Android App

23 June 2023

Any tech product, however successful, cannot survive without constant improvement in keeping with the changing times.  We sensed that Angel One users are increasingly looking towards diversifying their investments via stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds and sovereign gold bonds. To help them manage their diverse investments better, we came up with the Super Portfolio, along with …

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