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Product Updates - Angel One

Now Trade F&O on BSE Indices on Angel One!

27 September 2023

What’s New? You can now access futures and options (F&O) contracts on Sensex on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), directly from the Angel One app. Simply add the derivative contracts on your watchlist and access their charts and option chains. Derivatives trading just became even more interesting! Who Can Trade in BSE F&O on Angel …

Basket Order and More, Now on the Angel One iOS App!

15 September 2023

What’s New? Put multiple orders within a single basket and place them all with one click via the basket order. Find stocks based on their key features with ease via TradeEasy. Find the top mutual funds investing in a stock as well as changes in the shareholding patterns of the company, all on the stock …

Now Use TradeEasy to Search Stocks Quicker on the Angel One App!

9 September 2023

For those who are beginners in the world of equity investments, exploring the various stocks in the market or placing the correct order can be a little daunting at first. Even for regular investors, it is hard to narrow down to a stock without basing your search on key stock characteristics such as sector or …

This September Android Release is All About Easier Navigation on the Angel One App!

9 September 2023

What’s New? Searching for stocks is now a swift, seamless process, thanks to TradeEasy! The stock details section now shows you the top mutual funds investing in the stock as well as changes in the shareholding patterns of the company. You can now add funds with fewer clicks by directly using the previously used methods. …

Use SmartIVR to Fetch Key Documents Without Having to Call Anyone

5 September 2023

What is New? Angel One has now introduced the Smart IVR system to solve all your queries efficiently. Smart IVR is a self-serve intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice Response) method for customer support, designed to resolve your queries.  Whatever help you need, you can choose it from the options available over the IVR DTMF (Dual Tone …

Now Reach Any Screen, FAQ or Stock on the Angel One App with a Single Click

5 September 2023

What is New? Trading stocks and derivatives is stressful work. The last thing any trader needs during trading hours is confusion or delays in reaching a particular section of our app. To solve this in-app navigation problem once and for all, we bring to you the new enhanced search option on the Angel One app! …

Sensibull Is Now Free for All Our Customers

30 August 2023

Hey Patrons! With a vision to make Sensibull accessible to more traders, Angel One has made using the platform free for all its customers. Sensibull offers several advanced features like Basket Orders, Custom Strategy Builder, Analyse Trades & Positions, etc., on the platform. Here’s a brief of a few advanced features: Sensibull Strategy Builder: Helps …

Take a Look at the New Investor-oriented Features on the Angel One Android Super App

8 August 2023

A key support that any investor needs is a regular flow of important information. This information should be able to cut out the unnecessary noise and instead helps the investor focus on the key, dynamic aspects of their portfolio. The right data points on their current and potential investments will help investors make more informed …

Check Out the Latest Features on the Angel One iOS Releasing This August

8 August 2023

The Angel One Super app is destined to be your one-stop solution for your trading and investment needs. Making the Portfolio section on your Super app more inclusive and easy to use is a step in that direction. The features released this early August, are designed to make the Super app your preferred investment vehicle! …

Efficient Order Placing and Tracking, Now on the Angel One Web App

4 August 2023

What is New? Trade assets and track positions directly from the charts of the asset. Check realised and unrealised gains/losses, search and filter scrips and access position details on the Position book under Orders. Access SmartStore, Angel One’s one-stop solution for all your algo trading needs. Trade from Charts The decision to place an order …

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