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7 Productive Ways to Make the Most of Your Bonus

3 June 2016

Well, congratulations if you just received a little extra in your paycheck as a bonus! In this uncertain economy, money is hard to come by and extra money is always welcome. You might be wondering as to what to do with this bonus? We suggest, you should utilize this bonus productively in order to get …

Stock Market Myths That Everyone Thinks is True

1 June 2016

The stock market is a volatile place and over the course of time, it has generated myths that tend to scare people away from it. There are certain stock market myths that spread like wildfire and people keep believing them without searching for the truth. What you have been told about the stock market might …

Investing Can Be Addictive: Here’s How You Can Get Hooked

25 May 2016

Investments are a great way to generate some profits for your wealth. But it can also be a worthwhile activity if you wish to take it up as more than a hobby. If you are thinking of stepping into the world of investments, now would be a great time. It is a great way to …

How Stock Market Investments Can Help You Reach your Goals?

11 May 2016

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” said French writer Antoine de-Saint Exupery. Individual goals vary at different life stages. Our short term goal can be buying a new car or a foreign holiday or setting up an emergency fund. A common mid to long term goal is buying a house while long …

What to Do When You Get a Raise?

11 May 2016

If you have earned a sizeable raise in your salary or landed up in a new job that has considerably bumped up your salary, then you should utilize your new earning power by investing it for greater returns instead of spending it all. Saving is easier said than done, so you need to plan on …


9 May 2016

In the world of investments and stocks, nothing is perfect and you cannot calculate till the last decimal. You can however plan and predict, rely a bit on chance and knowledge. Thumb rules have always served us well, and even though no thumb rule is accurate to the T, rest assured, you can use it, …


9 May 2016

  Unlike investors, traders can make profits even on a down trend. Traders enjoy a brilliant advantage over investors and they can make profits irrespective of the market’s movements. All you need is the right skill-set and strict discipline. It is definitely not the simplest way to make money, yet it is not rocket science. …

Finding a Big Fish in a Small Pond

9 May 2016

Some of us prefer to take the path less travelled. That path often has unknown risks, but it also rewards you generously, because there are very few people reaping the benefits. Similarly in the stock market, we tend to like esoteric companies and companies that are micro-cap, the smaller end of the small-cap universe. Since …

Tips on How to Build a Stock Portfolio

9 May 2016

If you want to be a successful investor, your key to success lies in a well-maintained portfolio. You have to determine how to allocate assets that best suit your investment goals and strategies. Your portfolio does not represent your present only. It also represents your future and it should meet your future capital needs and …

10 Investment Terms Everyone Should Know

9 May 2016

Investing money can sometimes be a pretty daunting task and the scarier part is the investing jargon that is involved. There are so many financial terms that investors and advisors use, and for a new investor, sometimes it is pretty hard to comprehend. The following are the 10 essential financial terms that will help you …

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