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How to Read a Company’s Balance Sheet?

29 July 2016

It goes without saying that the experienced and prudent investor will always carefully go through a prospective company’s balance sheet before he parks his money in it. The balance sheet, however, is just a statement of the company’s assets and liabilities and the figures shown under each head need to be appropriately interpreted to arrive …

10 Tips for Successful Long-Term Investing in Share Market

25 July 2016

As a long-term investor, you will have to understand that your strategies will differ from someone who is trying to make short-term gains in the market. Of course, you should not trust anything that most people say in the stock market, simply because your requirements are unique and the person giving you the tip might …

Long-Term Share Investment Tips

19 July 2016

The stock market is a strange place. Rules are irrelevant, because there are exceptions all the time. Nothing is permanent and it is up to you, how you want to navigate through this maze. However, there are certain rules that always stand strong and no matter what, you can follow them with your eyes closed …

Are Stocks with Low P/E Ratio Always Better?

17 July 2016

The price-to-earnings ratio– P/E ratio for short– can be calculated on the basis of a particular stock’s current price divided by its EPS or earnings per share, usually over the preceding 12 months or the Trailing Twelve Months (following 12 months). Most P/E ratios are indicative of the stock’s present price as compared to its earnings over …

What is Factor Investing? Things You Should Know

15 July 2016

Factor investing is an investment strategy where investors choose securities based on the factors or attributes that are generally associated with higher dividends. The primary aspect of factor investing is that investors move into a far more molecular level when it comes to attributes that result in more profit, factors like style, size, risk, etc. …

Disciplined Investment Approach in Stock Market

13 July 2016

In order to succeed as an investor in stock markets, you need to gather the right data, think carefully and analyze correctly before taking the plunge. Discipline, as they say, is the key to successful investing. Equity markets the world over are perpetually moving up and down. And this is where fortunes are either being …

7 Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

11 July 2016

In order to be a successful trader you need to conduct research of your own and come up with a strategy accordingly. However, to conduct your research you need reliable sources of information. The internet is a bank of information and the more information you can extract from it, the better your trades will be. …

How to Invest the Right Way?

11 July 2016

When you invest money in the stock market, you always ask yourself, “Am I investing the right way?” Every investor who has been in your position has asked the same question to himself. But how can you ascertain that your investments will pay off in the long run and you will be able to generate …

Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Stocks

7 July 2016

When you are investing your money in the stock market, invest it right. If you do not know a company well enough, then think for a moment before you invest. Just because a company keeps outdoing itself all the time, do not think that it will never fail. Read the company’s annual reports to understand …

Passive Income Through Trading

5 July 2016

With the cost of living shooting up the roof, most people are looking for a secondary source of income in order to live well. With the advent of online trading, it has become extremely easy for a lot of working professionals to open a Demat account and start trading. The fact that you are willing …

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