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Can You Beat the Stock Market?

3 July 2016

In the stock market, we invest hoping that we profit. We hope to profit so that one day we will create enough wealth for ourselves that will let us live off these investments. But, can a regular investor beat the market? Does a regular investor have what it takes to take on the middlemen and …

Basic Rules: Investing is Not Rocket Science

29 June 2016

Owing to its irrational nature, people often assume that investing in the stock market is a rather difficult affair. Many even compare it to gambling and consider it impossible. With the amount of negative opinions regarding the stock market, it seems like a place where everybody loses. We have to set the record straight, once …

Tips on How to Plan for Retirement in Your 30s

25 June 2016

Investing for your retirement is a slow process and that is completely fine as long as you have a nice nest egg when you retire. It is especially difficult to save up for your retirement when you are in your 30s but every rupee counts. The sooner you start saving up for your retirement the …

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Investing?

21 June 2016

The stock market is a pretty scary place for first timers. Every novice investor enters the stock market with the thoughts of glamorous stories that have inspired them and also made them fear the stock market. So many sayings and warnings plague the first time trader. And, often it so happens that when a middle …

5 Things Your Parents Can Teach You About Trading

19 June 2016

Stock trading may have now become online in the past decade or so, but it has existed since back before you were born. Our parents have taught us and inculcated in us the basic life skills for survival. Similarly they too can teach you a thing or two about trading. It might not be advice …

Value Investing: Your Road to Riches

17 June 2016

Value Investing is a pretty simple investment strategy. You do not need to have extensive financial knowledge, just understanding the basics will do. You do not even need to analyze charts. All you need is common sense and patience along with some money to invest. If you are willing to read and do some accounting, …

3 Big Financial Mistakes To Avoid in 2016

15 June 2016

Financial mistakes do happen. No one is perfect and we are all prone to mistakes once in a while. When financial mistakes are concerned, there are broadly two mistakes that can take place, one that you can notice quickly and the one you cannot. The one you cannot notice often goes on for years without …

6 Signs You’re Ready to Retire Early

13 June 2016

If you have considered retiring early, you must have thought so in order to escape the daily grind of work. But in addition to that, if you retire, you lose the opportunity to make the additional money to make your retired life comfortable. If you are still in a dilemma, let us put that to …

Why Equities are the New Gold?

11 June 2016

With changing market trends investors are always on the lookout for more innovative, reliable and profitable options and equities have evolved as the new rulers of the financial kingdom. Equities are financial instruments that represent ownership in a company by the shareholders and are traded in the stock market. Combining the high return generating power …

Financial Mistakes You Will Regret at Age 50

9 June 2016

People make mistakes, some are small while some mistakes leave a big impression on our life. There are some mistakes which make us regret our decision. It’s like we got late to work for our mistake of forgetting to set the alarm, but marrying a wrong person can make us regret throughout our life. This …

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