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Block deals in November 2023: ISMT and Aptus Value top the list

01 December 20235 mins read by Angel One
Among all, the shares of The Investment Trust of India take the top position, trading 20% above its average block deal price.
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The stock market consists of various participants who buy and sell numerous shares. These participants can be categorised into retail investors, large investors, and institutional investors. Retail investors are typically smaller investors, while large investors are individuals with high net worth.

What is a bulk deal?

A bulk deal is a type of transaction where a minimum of 5% of a company’s total equity shares are traded simultaneously during the regular trading session. Unlike block deals, these transactions can be executed at any time during regular trading hours and do not necessitate the opening of a special window. However, block deals involve single trades with a minimum of 5 lakh shares or a value of Rs 10 crore, where two parties agree to buy and sell shares at the same price.

Following are the block deals that occurred in November this year, the data were obtained from the official website of the National Stock Exchange.


Date   Security Name   Quantity Traded   Avg. Deal Price in Rs  CMP  % Change on Avg. Deal Price 
01-Nov-23 HDFC Bank Ltd            88,838.00                     1,476.50   1,562.00 5.79%
03-Nov-23 ISMT Limited  1,44,66,193.00                           80.00     95.05 18.81%
08-Nov-23 Bajaj Finserv Limited      15,56,000.00                     1,575.00   1,681.65 6.77%
09-Nov-23 Reliance Industries Ltd        3,47,411.00                     2,335.90   2,390.50 2.34%
10-Nov-23 Aptus Value Hsg Fin I Ltd     74,35,937.00                         287.00 296.25 3.22%
10-Nov-23 Investment Trust of India     21,54,990.00                           91.70 110.10 20.07%
17-Nov-23 Jindal Stainless Limited      17,50,000.00                         477.25 503.15 5.43%
21-Nov-23 Crest Ventures Limited      12,85,000.00                         301.50 310.00 2.82%
21-Nov-23 Jindal Stainless Limited        7,50,000.00                         529.60 503.15 -4.99%
23-Nov-23 Bajaj Electricals Limited        4,71,052.00                     1,001.00   1,003.65 0.26%
28-Nov-23 ICICI Bank Ltd        6,86,615.00                         929.40 946.55 1.85%
28-Nov-23 Reliance Industries Ltd        5,01,376.00                     2,393.90   2,390.50 -0.14%
28-Nov-23 Share India Securities Ltd        4,00,000.00                     1,712.00   1,687.50 -1.43%

The data above is synchronised by date, beginning from November 01.

In terms of quantity, the largest block deal occurred in the shares of ISMT Limited, with 1,44,66,193 shares traded during the block deal. Meanwhile, the smallest block deal was observed in HDFC Bank Limited. In terms of value, the most significant block deal took place in Bajaj Finserv, where shares worth Rs 2,45,07,00,000 were traded. Conversely, the lowest-value block deal occurred in HDFC Bank, involving shares worth Rs 13,11,69,307 traded during the last month.

Furthermore, if we observe the above data, we find that two stocks, namely Investment Trust of India and ISMT Limited, are trading impressively higher than the average block deal price. Investment Trust of India is trading at a significant 20.07% higher than the average block deal price, while ISMT is trading approximately 18.81% higher, based on the current market price on the NSE.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions.

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