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What does NISM Certification entail?

08 August 20226 mins read by Angel One
The NISM certification is a prerequisite qualification if you intend to participate in the Indian securities market. Learn more about it by reading on.
What does NISM Certification entail?
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Do you know of any inexpensive, somewhat easier-to-complete courses that can prepare you for a career in the finance sector?

NISM certification” is the response to both inquiries.

Yet, hey! Is this your first time hearing the term “NISM”? If the answer is affirmative, you shouldn’t worry at all.

I’ll give a quick summary of the several NISM courses available in this post and explain how to become certified with NISM.

What exactly is NISM?

India’s Navi Mumbai is home to the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), which has a large course selection for Indian students.

It’s a public trust that SEBI formed (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The supreme authority in India that oversees the securities markets is called SEBI.

One of NISM’s six schools of excellence is the SCI (School for Certification of Intermediaries).

In the area of Financial Markets, the SCI is developing certification exams as well as programmes for continuing professional education (CPE).

Now, let’s know more about  NISM Certification:

NISM assists Indian market players in raising the calibre and proficiency of their financial abilities. This enables them to provide everyone wishing to invest in the financial markets with high-quality services and activities.

They are able to assist investors in making knowledgeable decisions about how to invest their money thanks to the information they have acquired via the numerous courses and certifications offered by NISM.

To learn more about the various NISM Examinations, you may view the video below:

The SEBI, India’s securities market regulator, founded the NISM in 2006 as a public trust. Its objective is to raise the knowledge levels of anyone interested in trading stocks in India.

The institute has six schools and educates people on the professionalism and standardization of the securities markets.

What is its eligibility to apply for the exam?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and wants to become a distributor or advisor of mutual funds is eligible to take the NISM Exam. According to the Association of Mutual Fund (AMFI) website, there are no defined educational requirements.

How to register for the NISM exam?

Candidates must complete the online registration form on the NISM Online Certification System at in order to participate in the NISM Certification Examination and CPE Program.

Scope of NISM Certifications?

In essence, NISM is SEBI’s educational arm that focuses on providing financial education to people who want to work in the stock market. The advisors would be better prepared to advise their investors so they can make educated decisions with the knowledge gained through NISM certification examinations.

In addition to professionals, students who enrol in NISM certification courses to advance their knowledge in the fields related to the Indian security sector find these courses to be very well-liked.

With NISM certification, students have access to a variety of doors that will allow them to break into the security industry and launch profitable careers. These certification programmes also provide one the ability to work for themselves and start their own business.

What are the Registration fees for the NISM exam?

The NISM test registration cost is one thousand two hundred rupees (Rs. 1200). However, the total cost for any NISM Certification Examination that is not required is only Rs. 1,725 (Rs. 1725/-).

Bottom Line : 

The finest paid job in the world is often thought to be working on the stock market. Anyone may make the greatest money in this industry. In addition, those who are not employed in the stock market can trade as an additional source of income to support themselves during hard times. As soon as you have your NISM certification, you may begin making money. However, the NISM certification course primarily serves to familiarise you with the market and its regulatory framework. With the resources at hand, the person can make wise selections.

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