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Common investment scams

30 September 2021

Financial markets have always been home to some of the most cunning scamsters, who profit off the naivety of unsuspecting investors. In this article, we discuss some common investment frauds. Fee advance fraud The victim is enticed to spend money upfront to take advantage of an offer that promises much more in return. The catch …

How to start saving up for your child’s future

21 September 2021

It is not easy to plan for a child’s future. The majority believe they have planned correctly, but they discover their funds are insufficient when the time comes. Thus, while planning, it is critical to make the appropriate investment selections at the appropriate times. There are numerous child plan alternatives available on the market, but …

Different Kinds of Insurance

21 September 2021

If COVID has taught us one thing, it is the need and importance of having insurance to safeguard yourself and your family against such unforeseen crises. There are different types of insurance available these days in India for every one of your needs. Did you know that you can insure a pencil too? Insurance comes …

Stages of Funding a Startup

21 September 2021

A startup is a project aimed at scaling a business model. If we talk from the statistical point of view, India has made a presence in the top 3 startup ecosystems globally, after the US and the UK. The startup trend is prevalent these days, where college graduates try to delve into this space. Several …

Factors to Control When Investing in Uncertain Equity Markets

31 August 2021

Equity markets are risky and one usually wants to enter the markets when the risk reward is favourable. The way equity markets have moved in the past one year despite the covid-19 pandemic, a lot is being discussed about the sustainability of index levels at current levels. In short there is a lot of uncertainty …

Common Mistakes One Should Avoid While Investing

31 August 2021

Often it is stated that investing is simple but not easy. However, the problem is that people think it is the other way round and end up making some common mistakes. To keep investing simple, it is important to understand that one must try to avoid a few mistakes – usually avoided through common sense. …

Things to Know Before Investing in Equity Funds

31 August 2021

Equity Mutual Funds are one of the most return generating securities in the MF sector. They invest in the Equity shares of multiple companies and sectors to form one well-managed Equity fund. Owing to the diversification in different funds, there are MF schemes for various purposes and risk levels. For instance, if a fund only …

How Interest Rates Affect Mutual Funds

31 August 2021

A change in interest rates affects the entire economy and financial sector, either directly or indirectly. Everything that we buy, sell or invest in is affected if the national rate of borrowing is changed. Naturally, Mutual funds are also influenced by the changing rates. As an investor, it is important to understand how this change …

Equity Mutual Funds or Direct Equity, Wonder What to Choose?

31 August 2021

The up-move of benchmark indices over the last 15 Months as resulted in many opting to invest directly in equity. We understand that the equity markets are simple but not easy. With the kind of volatility it faces lot of patience is required. With last one year returns generation happening without any major decline, there …

Understanding Risk in Mutual Funds and ways to measure it

31 August 2021

Mutual Funds are one of the most preferred investment instruments. The two most common phrases that depict mutual funds create the essence of it, i.e “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” and “Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks”. It means that Mutual funds are both a great investment option and come with a certain amount …

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