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Best things to buy on Dhanteras 2022

21 October 20226 mins read by Angel One
Stocks are one of the best things to buy on Dhanteras 2022. Check out the list of stocks you can buy on Diwali.
Best things to buy on Dhanteras 2022
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 Best Thing to Buy on Dhanteras 2022

Dhanteras is an auspicious day to make new purchases. Following Diwali traditions, people usually buy gold and silver on this day. But as time has changed, gen-z and millennial investors are also exploring other financial instruments on Dhanteras that will secure their financial future.

Dhanteras is the time when ensuring financial prosperity is the main objective. If you are wondering about the best thing to buy on Dhanteras, continue reading the article.  

Things you can buy on Dhanteras 2022

Here are the best things to buy on Dhanteras 2022.


The COVID phase has turned insurance into a desirable commodity. If you have your family’s future in mind, then insurance policies are the best thing to buy on Dhanteras. You can invest in a good-term life insurance plan, which will continue supporting your family’s financial needs if anything happens to you. 

You can select an insurance policy offering investment growth along with insurance coverage to receive both benefits. All you need to do is research the right insurance according to your needs.

Buy home

If you dream of becoming a homeowner, it is time to make your dream come true. During Diwali, builders and banks offer attractive offers and rates on home loans. Since it is a massive decision, many investors wait for the Diwali period to invest in properties.   

Buy cars 

Dhanteras is an auspicious time to buy cars because of the numerous offers available at the time. Although purchasing an automobile isn’t a financial investment since its value depreciates, many people buy cars as they consider the time auspicious.  

Gold and silver investment 

Purchasing gold and silver was a tradition during Dhanteras. Instead of buying physical gold or jewellery, investors can also purchase gold bonds, mutual funds, and gold and silver ETFs.  

Gold investment offers liquidity and excellent returns due to value appreciation. 

Mutual funds 

The popularity of mutual funds has risen in the past. Mutual funds are excellent investment tools that allow you to invest systematically in small amounts throughout market cycles.  

Mutual funds are one of the best things to buy on Dhanteras 2022 if you are a small investor looking for limited exposure in the stock market. 

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Stocks to buy in Dhanteras 2022

Stocks have done remarkably in the past. Historically, stocks have generated more returns than any investment in the Indian market. So, if you want to invest during Dhanteras, here are the best Diwali Stocks to Invest in 2022. 

VIP Industries Ltd

VIP Industries produces luggage. It is one of the best stocks for Diwali. Many people make travel plans during the festival period that starts in August and lasts till December, which boosts demand for its stocks.  

VIP is the fifth-largest luggage manufacturer in the world and a leading player in the Indian luggage segment. It owns several well-known brands like Skybags, Aristocrats, Caprese, and Carlton.  

Manyavar- Vedant Fashions Ltd

The wedding and the festive season boost the demand for traditional apparel manufacturers. Manyavar- Vedant Fashions Ltd. is one of the top players in the domain. It derives 80-90% income from the menswear brand Manyavar.    

Whirlpool of India Ltd

Indians make significant buying decisions during Diwali, which improves the demand for white goods and electronic products. Companies offer deals to attract customers.   

The Indian consumer white goods segment sees a cyclical boost during Diwali, making these an excellent choice for stocks to add to portfolios.

Asian Paints Ltd.

For Indians, Diwali is the time to redecorate or renovate their houses. No wonder it boosts the demand for paint products during this period. 

Asian Paints is a leader in the Indian painting industry. The company generates about 80 percent of its revenue from sales of decorative paints. The remaining 20 percent comes from industrial paints.    

Asian Paints are one of the high-performing stocks in the Indian stock market.  

Bajaj Finance Ltd

Bajaj Finance, the financial arm of the Bajaj group, is a leading non-banking financial company in India. The company has a presence across India with 1368 urban and 2218 rural branches. 

The company has a solid market presence with more than 65 percent market share through its presence in more than 60,000 consumer retail stores.

We have selected the stocks based on their past performance, Diwali trading history, and past data. However, we advise you don’t blindly follow the list of best stocks to buy before Diwali and research them yourself. Stick to the stocks that fit into your overall investment strategy


Buying financial instruments during the Dhanteras will give you mileage in the short run and ensure your financial future. According to their overall objectives, individuals can select investment instruments. Many people evaluate their portfolios during this time and diversify portfolios with the best stocks to buy on Diwali. It is crucial to adopt an investment strategy that will help you sustain yourself in the long run through different market conditions.

Disclaimer: This blog is exclusively for educational purposes. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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