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Best Large Cap Stocks to Invest In India 2023

30 May 20236 mins read by Angel One
Large cap stocks are preferred by risk-averse investors - that does not necessarily mean that they give low returns. Read on to know more about the best large cap stocks in the country.
Best Large Cap Stocks to Invest In India 2023
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What are Large Cap Stocks?

Large cap stocks are stocks of those companies that have a market capitalisation of over Rs. 20,000 crore. This means these are exclusively those companies that have reached a certain level of revenue and wealth that allows them to preserve their market share, invest in R&D, and raise or borrow money with more ease than others. Sometimes these are not standalone companies, but a part of a larger conglomerate, which allows them to access certain markets and raw materials more easily.

People who are  risk-averse like to invest in large cap stocks more than small-cap or mid-cap stocks. This is because large cap companies are less likely to go bust than smaller companies.

List of Best Large Cap Stocks in India

The following are some of the best large cap stocks available in the Indian market right now – 

Name of the Stock 1-Year CAGR (%) 5-Year CAGR (%) P/E Ratio Sector P/E 
Union Bank of India 107 -4.70 9.92 18.55
Varun Beverages Ltd 103.12 47.85 63.01 47.25
TVS Motor Company Ltd 95.50 14.47 43.44 101.77
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd 86.93 21.79 19.38 51.45
Bank of Baroda Ltd 74.37 4.68 12.08 18.55
ABB India Ltd 68.69 24.31 77.55 51.05
Siemens Ltd 66.50 28.80 83.89 51.05

The above stocks have been chosen based on their 1-year returns. The figures are subject to change over time. Check out the Angel One website or app for the latest figures.

Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India provides banking and financial services in deposits, loans and advances, remittances and collections – these services extend to corporate finance, wholesale banking, including netbanking and ATMs.

While its revenues have increased from 83,618 crore to Rs 97,078 crore since FY2021, its net income has grown threefold in that same period.

Market Capitalization – Rs. 52,217 cr.

Total Revenue in FY2023 – Rs. 97, 078 cr.

Net Income in FY2023 – Rs. 8,430 cr.

Varun Beverages Ltd.

Varun Beverages Ltd. is a producer of bottles for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages sold by PepsiCo. The company is involved in the production process of several well-known brands, such as Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew and Seven-Up.

The company has nearly doubled its revenue and more than quadrupled its profits in the period since FY2020.

Market Capitalization – Rs. 94,354 cr.

Total Revenue in FY2022 – Rs. 13,211 cr.

Net Income in FY2022 – Rs. 1,497 cr.

TVS Motor Company Ltd.

TVS Motor Company Limited is a very famous manufacturer of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and three-wheelers, as well as their parts and accessories. The company has also recently started investing in green technology, like electric vehicles.

The company has seen, since FY2020, an increase in total revenue and net income by more than 50%.

Market Capitalization – Rs. 57,720 cr.

Total Revenue in FY2023 – Rs. 32,111 cr.

Net Income in FY2023 – Rs. 1,328 cr.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

It is one of India’s most prestigious, state-owned, defense-manufacturing companies, which has built both finished products such as fighter jets and helicopters, and aircraft parts. It has given India some of its best jets such as the LCA Tejas and Su30MKI. 

This firm has also seen substantial increase in its revenue since FY2020.

Market Capitalization – Rs. 98,455 cr.

Total Revenue in FY2022 – Rs. 25,604 cr. 

Net Income in FY2022 – Rs. 5080 cr.

Bank of Baroda Ltd.

Bank of Baroda is working in several key banking roles, such as personal banking, corporate banking, international banking, small and medium enterprise (SME) banking, rural banking, non-resident Indian (NRI) services and treasury services. It also provides a variety of merchant payment solutions.

It seems the bank has quite a low market cap, compared to its total revenue.

Market Capitalization – Rs. 94,842 cr.

Total Revenue in FY2022 – Rs. 87,780 cr.

Net Income in FY2022 – Rs. 7849 cr.

ABB India Ltd.

ABB India Limited is an India-based technology company that focuses on robotics and automation. In the future world, a company with a strong grounding in automation technology will have much to gain.

The company’s futuristic technological solutions may have allowed it to have such a large market cap at a relatively low net income or revenue.

Market Capitalization – Rs. 78,805 cr.

Total Revenue in FY2022 – Rs. 9086 cr.

Net Income in FY2022 – Rs. 1,016 cr.

Siemens Ltd.

Siemens Limited is a holding company in the industries of electric motors, smart infrastructure, mobility, and others. It has provided technological solutions for railways and road traffic as well.

Since the crash of 2020, the company has been steadily growing – its revenues have increased by over 50%, and its profits by over 100%.

Market Capitalization – Rs. 1,29,430 cr.

Total Revenue in FY2022 – Rs. 16,624 cr.

Net Income in FY2022 – Rs. 1,542 cr.

Why Should I Invest in Large Cap Stocks?

Large cap stocks help investors avail growth opportunities with less risk than small-cap stocks. This is because, while a large company has adequate capital for innovations and increasing efficiency, it also has access to enough capital to withstand an economic slowdown. Their businesses are also more well documented and studied.


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Disclaimer: This article has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities quoted are only examples and not recommendations.

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