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Best IPO of 2022 That Made Investors Rich With Listing Gain

12 April 20236 mins read by Angel One
IPOs are the pillars of a robust stock market. The number of IPOs indicates the strength of the economy and faith of investors. Find out the best IPOs in 2022.
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The Indian IPO market demonstrated a strong performance despite declining global economic performance.The year has been historical for the Indian IPO market, with the largest Indian life insurance PSU, the Life Insurance Company of India, making its debut on the exchange. Since April 2022, twenty three mainboard IPOs have hit Dalal Street and seven of them have generated listing gains of more than 25%. Let’s look at the list of the best IPOs in 2022 that yielded the highest IPO listing gain.

IPO Name  Listing date Offer size in ₹ cr Offer price ₹  Listing day closing price ₹  Listing day gain/loss % Oversubscription size 
DCX System Ltd November 11, 2022 500 207 308.80 49.18 69.79
Harsha Engineers International Ltd September 26, 2022 755 330 485 47.24 74.70
Hariom Pipe Industries Ltd April 13, 2022 130 153 224 46.86 7.93
Electronics Mart India Ltd October 17, 2022 500 59 84.45 43.14 71.93
Syrma SGS Technology Ltd August 26,2022 840 220 313.50 42.30 32.61
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd April 8, 2022 4300 650 924.85 42.28 3.60
Dreamfolks Services Ltd September 6, 2022 562.10 326 462.65 41.92 56.68
Campus Activewear Ltd May 9, 2022 1400.14 292 378.60 29.66 51.75
Global Health Ltd November 16, 2022 2205.57 336 415.65 23.71 9.58
Uma Exports Ltd April 07, 2022 60 68 84 23.53 7.67

Best IPOs in 2022

DCX System Ltd. 

They are a leading manufacturer of electronic subsystems and cable harnesses. They are the preferred Indian offset partners for foreign original part manufacturers (OEMs) executing defence manufacturing projects.  

The company primarily engages in the defence sector, where global spending is increasing. The top five spenders in the segment are India, China, Russia, the USA and the United Kingdom. Global defence spending is expected to grow at 4.06% CAGR between 2021-2026. 

 Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 6,411.63 million

Total Income in FY21 (in ₹): 6,832.42 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 4.33

Current ratio in FY21: 1.04

Harsha Engineers International Ltd.

They are the largest in the country in manufacturing precision bearing cages. The company offers a diversified product suite of precision engineering products across geographies. India’s bearing cage industry is expected to grow at 8.3% CAGR between 2021-2029, supported by favourable policy and regulatory framework. 

Revenue from Operation in FY22 (in ₹): 13,214.81 million

Total Income in FY22 (in ₹): 13,389.99 million

Profit % of total Income 2022: NA

Current ratio in FY22: 1.64

Hariom Pipe Industries Ltd.

The company produces iron and steel products, including Mild Steel (MS) Pipes, Scaffolding, HR Strips, MS Billets, and Sponge Iron. It offers a diverse product suite to its end-users.

The company is ready to capitalise on the solid growth of the global steel industry. Global crude steel production has grown by 3% from the previous year.

Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 25,413.89 million

Total Income in FY21 (in ₹): 25,482.31 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 5.94

Current ratio in FY21: NA

Electronics Mart India Ltd.

Electronics Mart has the fourth largest market share in the electronics retail segment. They were the largest player in the south region in revenue in 2020. The company recorded a 25.06% CAGR in revenue from 2015 to 2020. 

Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 32,018.76 million

Total Income in FY21 (in ₹): 32,037.68 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 1.83

Current ratio in FY21: NA

Syrma SGS Technology Ltd.

They are engaged in turnkey electronics manufacturing services (EMS), specialising in precision manufacturing for diverse end-user industries. They are one of the fastest-growing players in the EMS segment in India, according to an F&S report. 

The EMS segment in India is slated for rapid growth as the industry demand expands. The EMS companies are expected to offer a bouquet of services in designing, prototyping, testing services, manufacturing capabilities, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and radio frequency or wireless services.

Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 4,383.03 million

Total Income in FY21 (in ₹): 4444.80 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 7.20

Current ratio in FY21: 1.38

Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.

Ruchi Soya is an FMCG and FMHG-focused company with a diverse product base. They are one of the largest players in the edible oil segment, manufacturing and marketing soya foods under the flagship brand Nutrela. 

The oil palm plantation business has high barriers, which give these companies an edge over the competition.   

Revenue from Operation  in FY20 (in ₹): 13,11, 778.81million

Total Income in FY20 (in ₹): 1,317,536.56 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 58.55

Current ratio in FY20: NA

Dreamfolks Services Ltd.

They are the largest Indian airport service aggregator platform. By leveraging technology, they facilitate enhanced passenger airport experience by integrating global card networks operating in India.

Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 2,824.98 million

Total Income in FY21 (in ₹): 2,839.89 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 

Current ratio in FY21: 5.72

Campus Activewear Ltd.

They are the largest brand in India in sports and athleisure footwear according to value and volume data in 2021. The company increased its market share in 2021 to 17% in the branded sports and athleisure footwear industry from 15% in 2020.

ROCE is a better gauge of a company’s profitability over a long period, and in terms of ROCE, Campus has performed better than its peers.

Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 7,112.84 million

Total Income in FY21 (in ₹): 1,389.25 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 6.47

Current ratio in FY21: NA

Global Health Ltd.

Global Health is a leader in providing multi-speciality tertiary care in India’s North and East regions. The company operates in all critical areas of health with specialisation in cardiology and cardiac science, neurosciences, oncology, digestive and hepatobiliary sciences, orthopaedics, liver transplant, and kidney and urology.

After COVID, there is a renewed emphasis on enhancing the healthcare system in the country. A significant growth potential and transformation awaits the players in the segment. 

Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 14,467.43 million

Total Income in FY21 (in ₹): 14,781.58 million

Profit % of total Income 2021: 1.94

Current ratio in FY21: NA

Uma Exports Ltd.


The company started as a building material exporter to the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. From there, they begin exporting agricultural items. Currently, they export to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. 

The India food industry is poised for huge growth in its importance in the global economy as a critical player in the food processing segment. India’s food and grocery market are the sixth largest in the world.

Revenue from Operation in FY21 (in ₹): 74,215.52 lakhs

Total operating Income in FY21 (in ₹): 75,202.64

Profit % of total Income in FY21: 1.62

Current ratio in FY21: 1.31

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Final words

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