What Is CDSL TPIN Number

30 May 2020
4 mins read
What Is CDSL TPIN Number

Digitisation of equity trading process has helped in closing many loopholes; made execution speedy and bookkeeping less cumbersome.  Taking it one step further, CDSL has introduced TPIN, which will enable investors to authorise action on their accounts virtually in a 100 percent secure manner. This will offer an additional layer of security to your DEMAT account. In the new process, you’ll have to enter a unique One Time Sell Authorisation pin sent on your mobile to validate the transaction. The PIN is directly generated by CDSL and forwarded to your number.

You can now enjoy this facility on your Angel One DEMAT account.

A little bit of background

When you open a DEMAT account with Angel One, it authorises you to place buy and sell orders with BSE and NSE. And, your account gets registered with CDSL. Both are independent authorities. When you place an order to ‘buy’, Angel One on your behalf virtually receive the shares and then shift those to your DEMAT account with CDSL. Similarly, when you decide to sell, the shares are removed from your electronic account and get transferred to the exchange. So far, to sell on your behalf, broking houses needed a POA (Power of Attorney) from the client. CDSL TPIN will eliminate POA from the system by allowing traders to give their consent through a uniquely generated code.

It is an appropriate and necessary step from CDSL. When the entire process of opening a DEMAT account has become online, signing a POA remained a manual process (it can’t be signed online).  Using CDSL TPIN will make clients more confident and the process more transparent.

Disadvantages of using e-DIS

Clients, who haven’t signed POA were required to transact using e-DIS (Electronic – Delivery Instruction Slip). But there was one issue with this system. There were no ways for CDSL to confirm if the correct PIN is used before authorising the transaction. This new process of CDSL TPIN, applicable from June 1, 2020, will also replace the old e-DIS system. 

So, what is CDSL TPIN? In a word, it is pin-based pre-authorisation for selling stocks by CDSL. It is improved and more technically advanced authorisation process.

How to generate CDSL TPIN

You will receive your TPIN in your registered mobile number and email ID. Make sure that you have updated your contact details with CDSL to receive TPIN. You can also request for a TPIN from your profile/account.

Here is a step-by-step guide to generating CDSL TPIN

Once you click on generate TPIN link in your profile, you’ll be taken to CDSL platform. Now enter your 16-digit DEMAT account number and PAN number and then click on Next.

You’ll receive an OTP in your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the space given. On successful validation, TPIN will be sent to your mobile number and email. Remember, it is a reusable PIN that you will need to enter while authorising selling of shares.

It will take around 6-minutes for your TPIN to map with your CDSL account.

When will I need CDSL TPIN?

You’ll need to enter you TPIN when you place the first selling order of the day.  When you click on ‘Authorise Now’ you’ll get redirected to CDSL portal where you need to insert TPIN to authorise selling. You can also use the same PIN for the following,

  • Modify a sell order to get your intraday shares in your delivery account
  • Convert a sell order from intraday to delivery
  • You can also use the same TPIN to receive margin benefit on your stocks

Pre-authorising sells

To authorise a sell, you will need to confirm your TPIN in CDSL portal. Now Click on Continue, and you’ll get redirected to CDSL platform.

If you don’t know your CDSL TPIN or forget it, you can generate a new PIN by clicking on “Forgot CDSL TPIN” on the screen shown below. A new PIN will get created, which you can also change later.

You can give a blanket sell pre-authorisation on all your stocks to avoid going through the authorisation process every time. It will remain valid for 90-days.

Angel One always strive to offer you smooth trading experience with the best technological support. We have already sent your TPIN to your registered mobile number and email address. Please refer to that. In case you haven’t received it or need more assistance regarding the same, please get in touch with our support team.