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Upcoming IPOs in March 2023

18 May 20236 mins read by Angel One
Have you been waiting to invest in a fresh new IPO but don’t know where to start looking methodically? Here’s a list of upcoming IPOs in March 2023 to start you off!
Upcoming IPOs in March 2023
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IPOs are a great investment avenue as there is a high chance that a company getting a new rush of capital will grow and thus see appreciation in its share value. They can hence be a great way to make short term and long term profits.

That being said, one must be aware of the risks related to an IPO. For example, companies with unclear trajectory of share prices and valuations during various fundraising rounds may be hard to assess. Besides, the trader/investor has to rely solely on the fundamentals of the company as found in the DRHP and other online sources.

It is a good idea to check out the basic details of upcoming IPOs before investing in them in order to understand –

  1. The demand and supply of money for IPO investment – For example, if a very large company or a large number of companies are announcing IPO issue, then that might signal that a lot of capital will move towards it and not towards other individual IPOs (which then might then be available at a  lower price).
  2. Basic stock details and company fundamentals – This allows the investor to assess the business model and financial sustainability of the company. The investor will also realize whether too many shares are being offloaded by the major (and thus more informed) shareholders.
  3. IPO trends in order to assess economic and market conditions – If the IPOs are failing to gauge interest e.g. they are constantly delaying their release or refusing to announce dates, then that means the economic situation is not conducive to make new bullish investments.

With this knowledge, let us find out which are the latest IPOs about to be issued in March 2023.

List of upcoming IPOs in March 2023

Issuer Company Exchange Opening Date Closing Date Issue price (in ₹)
ResGen Ltd IPO BSE SME Feb 28 March 02 ₹45 – ₹47
ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd IPO BSE SME Feb 28 March 02 ₹51
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO BSE NSE March 01 March 03 ₹560 – ₹590
Vertexplus Technologies IPO NSE SME March 02 March 06 ₹91 – ₹96
Systango Technologies IPO NSE SME March 02 March 06 ₹85 – ₹90
MCON Rasayan India IPO NSE SME March 06 March 10 ₹40

ResGen Ltd IPO

ResGen Limited was incorporated only recently in 2018 and the company is engaged in the process of manufacturing Pyrolysis Oil (a substitute for furnace oil) from all kinds of waste plastics. ResGen calls this innovation as PlasEco. The company repurposes the by-products generated during the manufacturing of PlasEco, such as Carbon (which substitutes for coal) and Gas (substitute for LPG). However, the segment is extremely competitive and the demand is still yet to grow to its fullest size. The margins will probably be hard to maintain in the long run due to competition and high marketing costs.

ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd IPO

ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd is a New Delhi-based talent acquisition company offering services mainly in the organized sector. Since its incorporation, the company’s own manpower has grown to over 800 members including contractual employees. Sectors like Staffing & Recruitment, Information Technology, FMCG, Food, etc are a part of its repertoire.

Fortunately for the company, its revenues have grown tremendously over the past few years, which probably has made the company confident of going public.

Divgi TorqTransfer Systems Ltd. IPO

The company has the rare capability to develop and provide torque couplers (only manufacturer in India), and dual-clutch automatic transmission solutions.

It is one of the leading players supplying transfer case systems to automotive OEMs in India and also boasts of being the largest supplier of transfer case systems to passenger vehicle manufacturers in India as well as of being the only exporters of transfer cases to global OEMs from India, .

They have been developing – 

  • Transmission systems for EVs
  • DCT systems
  • Rear wheel drive manual transmissions.

The level of monopoly power that it has over its market makes Divgi TorqTransfer Systems a sought-after IPO.

Vertexplus Technologies Ltd. IPO

It is an IT company that is engaged in consulting, outsourcing, infrastructure, and digital solutions and services. It is in an industry and financial zone that is only going to boom in the coming months given the level of digitisation, rise of no-code tools, AI, B2B Saas as well as layoffs of internal employees in the tech industry (which may mean more outsourcing of simpler IT services in the coming period).

Systango Technologies Ltd. IPO

This is an extremely interesting company as it is engaged in enabling companies to design, implement and manage their own customized digital platforms, including Web2, Web3, and mobile applications with a strong emphasis on data and analytics.

The solutions provided by the company includes – Website development, Mobile app development, Web3 development, DeFi (Decentralized finance), Data Engineering, Blockchain, Cloud computing and Digital Marketing.

These services have use cases across various sectors like Hospitality, Property Tech, Financial Services (FinTech) and many others.

MCON Rasayan India Ltd. IPO

The company is in the business of manufacturing, marketing, and selling of building materials and construction chemicals. The company has an assortment of more than 80 products. 

Powder products of the company are plaster, Tile and Block adhesives, Wall putty, Micro concrete & polymer mortar and Floor hardeners.

Liquid Form products includePoly-urethane (PU) based liquid membrane, Bonding materials, Paints and Anti-corrosive coatings.

MCON Rasayan India Limited markets its products under the brand label “MCON”. The company has two manufacturing plants – one in Valsad and another in Navsari, Gujarat.


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Disclaimer: This blog is exclusively for educational purposes. The securities quoted are exemplary and not recommendatory.



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