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Switch from Angel Bee to Angel One Super App Today!

07 March 20235 mins read by Angel One
You can now operate all your mutual fund investments on the Angel One Super App itself. Switch today and experience the benefits of the single window interface! 
Switch from Angel Bee to Angel One Super App Today!
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If you are a user of an Angel One account or an Angel BEE account then there is good news for you. You can now operate your mutual fund investments from the single platform of the Angel One Super App itself! 

As you might understand, the Angel BEE platform is no longer needed and therefore, it will eventually be done away with. If you have only an Angel BEE account, then make sure you open an account on the Angel One Super App before 20th March, 2023 in order to seamlessly continue operating your mutual fund investments through Angel One.

Free Demat Account on Offer

If you are concerned about any new charges for opening your new Angel One account then worry no more!

Angel One now offers you a lifetime free demat account which will enable you to access an improved version of the mutual funds section on Angel One app!

Moreover, because you are signed in to the overall Angel One Super App itself, you will also be able to invest in stocks, bonds, new mutual funds, derivatives and much more, alongside your existing mutual funds from the same platform.

To be specific, the new Demat account will have the following exciting features: 

  • Life time free account with ₹ 0 account maintenance charges
  • ₹0 brokerage on equity delivery trades
  • ₹ 20 only on intraday, F&O, Commodities and Currencies transactions

How to make the switch

Opening a demat account is easy. If you have an Angel BEE account already, just click on the link below (Link)  and enter the same mobile number being used in Angel BEE and follow the instructions.

STEP 1: Enter basic details (e.g. Name, Mobile Number, City) 

STEP 2: Enter the OTP received 

STEP 3: Click on “Open Demat A/c”

STEP 4: Upload all documents as requested

STEP 5: Enter Personal Details

STEP 6: Process for E-Sign (Enter aadhar number )

STEP 7: Make an IPV of 10 sec & submit

Thereafter, you can log in within 24-48 Hours after KYC is done.

Please note

Angel BEE will be shut down by 20th March 2023. After that, you will compulsorily  need to convert your Angel BEE account to a demat account in order to access the Angel One app and continue investing in Mutual funds and other instruments.

Benefits of a single interface

It only makes sense that a person who invests in both stocks, bonds and mutual funds should be able to do so from the same online platform. It will help you, the investor, in the following tasks – 

  1. Track all major investments (i.e. their profits/losses) in a single interface.
  2. Compare various investment avenues on the same app, often based on the same source of investment tips.
  3. Be able to easily connect major trends and fundamental features in the stock market (e.g. track a set of stocks/bonds so as to be able to choose the right mutual fund made up of those stocks).

So it seems that it is much better to have all these investments operated under one platform, especially if the process of making the switch is as easy and smooth as stated above!

Final Words

The world is moving towards Super Apps under over-arching platforms in order to allow users to take better, more informed decisions and to operate and track various functions efficiently, without too much time lost in switching between platforms. Mutual funds and stock/bond investments fit perfectly in a single app that is both advanced and user-friendly, like Angel One.

So do not wait any longer. Open your demat account with Angel One today and take your investments to the next level!


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