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Save Time and Effort in Tracking Client Reports with NXT 2.0

17 February 20234 mins read by Angel One
Gone are the days of endlessly categorising customer segments manually on excel. Angel One’s NXT 2.0 helps you easily filter and sort customers as per customisable metrics.
Save Time and Effort in Tracking Client Reports with NXT 2.0
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If you are an authorised person (or sub-broker) and not on board with Angel One already, this post may give you a pretty good reason to join the Angel One family!

The challenge that was

For some time now, Angel One has been redesigning the NXT 2.0, our platform for APs or sub-brokers. While designing the NXT portal, one of the primary concerns has been to make sure that sub-brokers have all the possible resources they need in order to grow their sub-broking business with Angel One. 

One of the problems APs or sub-brokers face is understanding the strengths, weaknesses, values and problems of their own network of clients. Data used to understand one’s own customer base is hard and costly to operate on, especially given the limitations of softwares currently available to the average sub-broker.

Seeing this, Angel One has added some highly innovative features on NXT 2.0 (our sub-broker platform) so that our APs get the highest possible outcomes from partnering with us. 

The solutions

Now NXT 2.0 has a page where reports on all your clients including  important information on them is available in the form of a list.

When you open this page on the list of your clients, you may be expecting an overflow of information and data points spread across multiple columns that are too hard to interpret when presented together. However, on NXT 2.0 you can customise which metrics you see on the screen next to a client quite easily. 

For example, if you want to see who are your top clients in terms of total investment in equity and mutual funds, simply choose Equity AUM and MF AUM as metrics and you will be delighted to find that only those metrics that you choose as per your convenience are now showing on the columns. The entire screen will become much clearer and you will be able to make decisions with more clarity.

This will in turn allow you to create segments within your customer base in order to better understand your ideal customer profile. In the longer term, you will not need to place separate money and effort for working on excel sheets as the data will be highly navigable – understanding your customers in order to create the right marketing strategy will be a matter of a few clicks on a single online platform. It will give any big or small sub-broker an unprecedented amount of insight at very little cost in terms of time or money.

The above example shows how you can choose which metrics to view for each customer. However, you can also filter which customers you want to view in the first place, based on metrics chosen by you. For example, if you want to see only those customers who are active, then you can easily choose to do so from the filter options to the left of the screen. Finally, based on the pre-decided set of columns (or metrics), you can sort your clients in ascending/descending order of the chosens set of metrics.

Now that’s what we call a comprehensive, interactive report on your leads!

Final Words

We here at Angel One believe that giving both customers and sub-brokers the most user-friendly technology will act as a force multiplier when it comes to ensuring the growth of your sub-broking business. If the above features excite you, become an Authorised Person and partner with Angel One, India’s trusted online stock broker.

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