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Option Chain Redesigned for Frequent Traders

02 December 20224 mins read by Angel One
With our latest Super App upgrade, we tweaked the Option Chain to make it more compatible for frequent traders to move across Charts, Option Chain and Orders.
Option Chain Redesigned for Frequent Traders
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What is Super App Upgrade

Angel One has upgraded applications across Desktop and iOS with the first version of Super App. We are doing a phase wise upgrade on Android to extend this experience and factor feedback as we roll out the new version.

Super App will be the one app you need for all investing and trading use-cases.We will cater to asset classes beyond Equity. Also with this upgrade you will experience faster interactions across Order Journey, Charting & Option Chain.

How is the Option Chain better with this Upgrade

Our Design & Product teams spoke with more than 100 frequent traders. They emphasized that the to and fro interactions across  Charts, Option Chain & Orders is crucial to take the right put or call.

We’ve made Greeks easy to access – You can now scroll on the Call or Put side to  get all the information on Greeks. Additionally,you will be able to see greeks of both Call and Put within a single scroll.


Fig. 1: Option greeks

We’ve simplified the navigation through search – you can use the search bar to enter the contract you wish to see and come back to the option chain.

Search & Filter

Fig. 2: Search and Filter option chain

You can also filter to just Put/ Call by using the filter icon on bottom-right.

How to navigate to Option Chain

This is super simple, just click on any stock either through your Watchlist or Portfolio – there’s a short sleeve which opens with bottom navigation that includes Option Chain.

Please note Option Chain is only relevant and displayed for Large Cap Stocks.

Angel One’s Option Chain Experience

Angel One has improvised the experience on Option Chain to accelerate traders movement across key decision making parameters. 

From here there will be a train of optimisations on the latest version to bring you super swift movement across Charts, Orders & Option Chain.

Hope you are looking forward to the Super App upgrade.

Final words

If the details of the revamped Option Chain excite you, try to open demat account with Angel One today!

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