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NXT 2.0 : Experience Zen Level Broking 

25 January 20236 mins read by Angel One
The next generation of stockbroker-AP interface is here with NXT 2.0. Read on to know more about the whole range of new exciting features that we offer!
NXT 2.0 : Experience Zen Level Broking 
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Know the basics of NXT

NXT is the online platform through which Authorised Persons or APs (earlier known as sub-brokers) interact with Angel One. All customer data, lead
management, services assortment, revenue and market data etc. are accessed and operated by Authorised Persons through
this platform. Therefore, in order to create a seamless, efficient engagement process between APs and Angel One, it is
important to create a most advanced online platform for their interaction.

With NXT 2.0, Angel One pushes the envelope as to what the future of such AP-stockbroker
interaction platforms can look like. Let us see some of the improvements made in the following sections.

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How we improved NXT

Here are some of the gaps in the user experience of NXT 1.0 that we have filled with NXT
2.0 –

1. Simplified data into bar graph format

The earlier tabular format for presenting data has been replaced by the visually more
consumable bar graph format. It will help APs understand the data more easily and effectively. 

Figure: Dashboard

2. Expanded data pool for efficiency and synergy

The NXT platform is now operating based on the same data pool used in the Angel One
Super App (i.e. the app for retail investors). 

The platform is powered with the core Angel One Analytics in order to help understand
and present user behaviour more efficiently.

3. Highly efficient data loading

The earlier software system has been replaced with cloud-based technology with the
reports infrastructure powered by AWS RedShift. The latest system ensures that the users get real-time data on the go
but still enjoys zero platform downtime hassles. The system will thus become much faster and more efficient.

4. Common modules

NXT is now integrated with the latest Angel One Super App – the system is connected to
the core modules (e.g.: IPO, Mutual Funds) which power our Super-App, resulting in higher performance and synergy
across platforms.

Figure: IPO view on NXT 2.0

Figure: Mutual Fund View on NXT 2.0

5. Mobile friendly framework

The platform is mobile friendly with the reports being customisable. Therefore, APs can
now have their own personalised views and can use the reports as per their requirements.


Figure: Mobile view (both left and right)

6. Availing concurrent multiple reports

The platform is designed in a robust manner to handle multiple reports by multiple
partners at once. Therefore, APs can work with a greater number of variables and higher quantum of information  at the
same time than before.

In addition to this, Angel One NXT 2.0 now uses Apache Superset to make sure that our partners can
choose which variables they want to utilise at a time for each report. This not only increases efficiency in viewing
the right data points but also reduces the time taken to load the data by a massive margin.

Figure: Multiple Client Reports page

Moreover, we present to our partners the functionality of Asynchronous Downloads – this means they do not
have to wait for the reports to load and can perform simultaneous client engagement activities and the reports to be
used in some time will be downloaded in the background. The whole operation becomes much faster and efficient.

Figure: Downloads page

But wait…there’s more!

There are other issues that have been solved as well – such as the issue of APs being
unable to connect online before the market opened, or the issue of irrelevant data downloads. The list is long and
cannot be truly explained in just one blog – you have to experience it yourself to get a full view of the advances in
this field made by team Angel One.

Final words

If you are an Authorised Person looking for a stockbroker with the most advanced digital
AP platform, one that has been specially designed to suit the needs of the average AP, then Angel One is definitely
the place to be. Come, enjoy the experience, the comfort and the efficiency of NXT 2.0 today!

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