Jubilant FoodWorks, Whirlpool, Spencer’s Retail quarterly results

5 August 2022
2 mins read
by Angel One
Jubilant FoodWorks, Whirlpool, Spencer’s Retail quarterly results

Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd, Spencer’s Retail, and Whirlpool India will be releasing their quarterly earnings for January – March today on June 15.

They are among the 45 companies scheduled to release quarterly earnings results of Q1 2021 today. Other prominent names include LIC Housing Finance, Entertainment Network (India), Easy Trip Planners, Lemon Tree Hotels, JMD Ventures, Centum Electronics, Power Finance Corporation, etc.

An overview of their stocks

Here’s a rundown of their stock prices today versus their closing prices yesterday –

Stock Closing value Previous closing value Up by % Down by %
Whirlpool of India Ltd Rs. 2353.00 Rs. 2191.80 7.35% NA
Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd Rs. 3188.00 Rs. 3199.80 NA 0.37%
LIC Housing Finance Ltd Rs. 522.00 Rs. 524.35 NA 0.45%
Power Finance Corporation Ltd Rs. 127.75 Rs. 129.55 NA 1.39%
Spencer’s Retail Ltd Rs. 80.70 Rs. 80.90 NA 0.25%

An overview of the last quarter of 2020 (October to December)

  • Spencer’s Retail Ltd

It recorded Rs. 29.64 crores as a consolidated net loss for the quarter ending in December 2020. The revenue from operations during the same quarter stood at Rs. 671.99 crores against Rs. 699.78 crores from the same period a year ago. A year ago, in the corresponding quarter, Spencer’s had reported a net loss of Rs. 39.50 crores.

  • Jubilant FoodWorks

The food service firm that operates Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s Pizza chains in India reported a 21.71% surge at Rs. 123.91 crores in consolidated profit in Q3 of 2020. Its revenue from operations for the same quarter ending in December 2020 was reported as Rs. 1069.27 crores. This marked a decline of 0.19% when compared to the previous year’s Q3 revenue of Rs. 1071.36 crores.

  • Whirlpool of India

This leading consumer durable maker reported a 6.70% drop in its consolidated profit for 2020 Q3 ending in December. However, its total income was up by 16.14% at Rs. 1522.34 crores.


Judging by previous quarterly earnings and current market conditions, Whirlpool of India and Jubilant FoodWorks could present better quarterly income in Q1 2021 than Spencer’s Retail Ltd. Besides these companies, investors are keen about the LIC Q1 report 2021, given all the buzz around LIC IPO.