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Robo Advisory Platforms in Investment

08 May 20245 mins read by Angel One
Robo Advisory Platforms in Investment
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Whenever someone mentions robots, it always conjures up images of Iron Man aka Tony Stark. The Avenger started donning a suit of indestructible armour armed with a high-functioning artificial intelligence (AI) to protect the world and awestruck the real world. He has fascinated kids and adults alike. He is able to function because of the AI that guides him at all times, acting as an advisory engine.

But what is a Robo Advisory Engine?

It is a unique piece of modern investment technology. It is intelligent as well as predictive in nature, thus helping investors take the correct decision while investing in the stock market. It has excellent cognitive ability that helps it sift through years of data to come up with the best strategy.

So, now if you think of it, you will see that Iron Man’s suit is like a robo advisory engine, something that guides you correctly at all times. These engines have become widely accepted in the western markets. Robo advisory firms like Wealthfront, Betterment, Personal Capital are the pioneers of this industry. However, this technology is now available in India for the first time ever. Angel One has developed the first-of-its-kind automated robo advisory engine for its customers.

Why are Robo Advisory Engines perceived as better than anything else?

Robo advisory engines are considered as the best advisors in the stock market. There are several reasons for that:

– It computes extremely high amounts of data to come up with the best possible investment strategy for the retail investor keeping risk appetite and individual financial goals in mind.

– It is a programmed being, hence there is no factor of emotions or biasedness. It is disciplined in nature by default and only suggests logical strategies.

– It helps you build a diversified portfolio depending on your needs.

– It suggests stocks and mutual funds based on historical trends, current trends as well as probable future trends.

– The high level of functionality makes robo advisory engines outdo even the best fund managers.

What is ARQ and why should you choose it?

Angel One’s ARQ is India’s first robo advisory engine designed to help retail investors invest in the stock market. Using the most advanced machine learning technology and expert insights, ARQrecommends the expected best-performing mutual funds (lump sum & SIP) and stocks for an individual investor. The recommendations are based on a unique model whose performance has been highly optimized to provide recommendations with high performance strike rates. The model has been tested extensively using scientific backtesting and has been validated based on its track record. It has been calibrated to take advantage of the upward movements in the prices of stocks and mutual funds.

When you want to be a successful investor in the stock market, you have to put in a lot of hard work in the form of research that will help you understand stock market investments and different strategies. You will have to sift through an enormous amount of data and interpret the entire stock market including philosophies and technique to come up with a winning strategy. Not only that, as an investor you will have to resist acting on random, seemingly convincing hot tips, in other words you need to use your head and not your heart while investing in the stock market. Because the stock market is a volatile place, it is essential that you use your logic to deduce whether a stock is worthy of your investment or not. Not only that, investors often become emotional in their decisions. They hold on to stocks when not needed or are biased towards stocks of some sector without any valid reason. Such acts will not help you grow your profits. You will have to exhibit a certain amount of discipline in order to succeed. It is extremely difficult for any human to process so much and act accordingly.

This is where a robo advisory engine comes in. ARQ is available exclusively for Angel One customers at zero cost and there is no minimum amount to start investing in ARQ. Experience ARQ here if you have an Angel One account or open a demat account with Angel One to take advantage of ARQ!


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