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Handle IPOs for your Clients Most Efficiently with NXT 2.0

07 June 20235 mins read by Angel One
IPO releases are one of those times when retail investors need their sub-broker the most - with research, execution etc. Be the broker serving their client’s IPO-related needs the best with NXT 2.0.
Handle IPOs for your Clients Most Efficiently with NXT 2.0
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IPO or Initial Public Offerings are a great occasion for a lot of people, which is why they get a lot of attention in the market whenever they come by. Retail investors may think that a share price may probably go up right after the IPO – this is because through the IPO, the firm will raise a high amount of capital which it can use to fund their operations more freely, thereby boosting growth in both revenue and share price.

However, there are certain difficulties that retail investors face with respect to IPO investments. The primary ones are –

  1. The lack of knowledge regarding the IPO process e.g. concept of oversubscription, the timeline, the risk of share price drop even after IPO etc.
  2. The lack of knowledge regarding the company itself and especially its share price – this occurs because the retail investors are not privy to the exact causes behind the past fluctuations in the company’s share price based on dealings behind closed doors. There is no chart available to conduct technical analysis of the share price either.

Under these circumstances, it becomes crucial for sub-brokers to aid their clients in making the right decision. Helping a client make the right decision related to something that is complex and intimidating builds trust like nothing else – trust towards the broker opens doors towards further monetisation of the client through the addition of services.

How NXT 2.0 helps

NXT 2.0 is Angel One’s online platform for sub-brokers. It allows them top interact with Angel One, avail the whole range of services that Angel One offers to them as well as keep track of the performance of their business and even individual clients.

When it comes to making the right decisions related to IPOs (including SME IPOs), NXT 2.0 places sub-brokers firmly ahead of their competitors. The key features that help sub-brokers achieve this are –

  • The updated list of currently open IPOs along with the link to apply through the portal,
  • The updated list of upcoming IPOs.

Figure: List of Open IPOs and Upcoming IPOs

  • Once you click a particular IPO, you can view a detailed list of all the key figures and descriptions of the company that is releasing the IPO. The details shown and the backend structure behind them are the same as the Angel One app for retail investors.
  • Details include the chances of listing gains and oversubscription as predicted by ARQ Prime, along with the usual details like important dates and price range.

Figure: Individual IPO details

Impact that you can bring

With the updated list of IPOs, you, the sub-broker, can keep your client up to date about which are the top upcoming IPOs that they should be interested in. You do not have to go through multiple newspapers or websites to find these details – Angel One provides you with all these details consolidated on a single webpage.

You are also better placed to convince the client to buy the right IPO using the details mentioned. This is because you can base your recommendation on the assortment of details provided by Angel One, India’s most trusted stockbroking platform.

As mentioned earlier, IPOs offer an opportunity for greater client-broker engagement that leads to building of further trust. Once the trust and expectation of value exchange is in place, the relationship can bear much prosperity in the future.

Final words

Take advantage of the upcoming IPOs by leveraging the various user-friendly of NXT 2.0. If you are a sub-broker who is interested in the innovations and level of genuine support that Angel One is bringing about for sub-brokers, consider becoming an Authorised partner with Angel One today!

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