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Faster Charting on TradingView & ChartIQ

02 December 20226 mins read by Angel One
With our latest Super App upgrade, charts powered by TradingView & ChartIQ are now faster, reliable and easier to use. 
Faster Charting on TradingView & ChartIQ
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Super App Update : Faster Charting

Angel One has upgraded its app across Desktop and iOS with the first version of Super App. We are also doing a phase wise upgrade on the Android version to extend this experience and factoring in the feedback as we roll out the new version.

First of all, Super App will cater to asset classes beyond Equity. We have built it ground up by optimising the back-end, revamping payment gateway and decluttering the front end. With this upgrade you will experience faster interactions across Order Journey, Charting, Account and a lot more.

How is Charts better with this Upgrade

Across the past app versions, some of Angel One’s frequent traders had reported slowness in trading through Charts and latency in adding indicators. Our Engineers heard you and they optimised our integrations with ChartIQ and TradingView. This optimisation helped us remove latency and made charts quick and reliable, especially during times of peak order volumes. 

How to navigate the Charts

In order to access charts, you can click on any Stock either on the Watchlist or on your Portfolio. When you click on a script, you will be initially shown a short sleeve made up of three sections that are a part of the “Overview” of the stock – charts, markets and option chain.

Fig 1: The initial chart

Hereafter, in order to access the enlarged data, tap on the screen and scroll upwards. The entire stock data will emerge with the following sections.

  1. Overview
  2. Technical
  3. Derivatives
  4. Fundamental

Description of the Chart

The chart shows the price action of the selected asset – on the x-axis there is the time period and on the y-axis is the price. 

Clicking on the enlargement icon  towards the bottom left of the chart or tapping on any place on the chart takes you to the more detailed chart with the entire range of additional features and data points. Here you can see the following – 

  1. Buy and Sell buttons – To the right of the asset name are the buy button (B) and sell button (S)
  2. The price movement – you may choose to change the chart type to line, area, bars, baseline, hollow candles, heikin ashi and candles or candlestick.
  3. The time frame  -You can change the time frame (from 1 minute right up to 1 month). Each candle will then represent one time period.
  4. The date range – With this, you can extend the time range from 1 day (1D) to up to 5 years (5Y). If you wish to further customise your chart, you can also choose the exact dates and time (right up to an exact minute) for the chart.
  5. Log and auto – You can adjust the scale of prices at which the chart is viewed by this feature
  6. Light and dark mode – You can choose the background to be dark mode or light mode by choosing the moon/sun icon on the top.
  7. Indicators – You can apply a whole range of indicators by clicking the icon “fx” which will lead you to a search bar for indicators along with suggestions. By clicking the icon next to it, you may save the indicator template that can be used again without hassle.
  8. To its right are the undo and redo buttons.
  9. To its right is the settings icon – through this you can change candles colour, body, border etc.
  10. To the bottom of the detailed chart the buttons “Option chain” and “Orders” allows the user to directly access the option chain on the asset and the user’s positions (under the Order section) respectively.
  11. Copy chart image – By clicking this option, you can easily take a snap of the chart and send it to anyone you want to via social media e.g. Whatsapp.
  12. Bottom right corner sun – This feature allows to modify the price scale 

If you click and move two fingers outwards, then you can zoom into the chart – i.e. reduce the time gap from months to days to minutes to be precise. 

Fig. 2: The detailed chart

On pressing the chart and holding, the open, high, low and close prices (OHLC prices) can be seen for each security. You can check the OHLC data on each day (or any other time period) by pinpointing a different day (or time). To disable the OHLC figures, simply tap on the screen once.

On the bottom left, you will notice a small right arrow icon. It is extremely important as clicking it will bring out an assortment of indicators that can be applied on the chart. Once applied, the indicator bar can be closed by clicking the same icon (now a left arrow). 

If the Angel One chart is getting too cluttered, you can also switch to the Trading View or ChartIQ chart directly by clicking on the Trading View/Chart IQ icon near the indicator arrow icon. 

With Angel One, Traders can get the best of both worlds -TradingView for its coverage on Indicators and ChartIQ for precision on Candlestick movement. You just have to go to Settings in the Account section and choose either of the two based on your needs or preference.

Fig 3: Changing Chart Settings

Before investing in stocks, you should read up adequately about fundamental analysis and technical analysis, so that you can better understand the various data points mentioned in the following sections as well as comprehend the various reports that Angel One regularly releases regularly.

Angel One’s Charting Experience

The new Angel one charting experience gives the highest degree of the following qualities to the trader – 

  1. User-oriented flexibility
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Transparency
  4. Right data at the right place in the order journey
  5. Speed and reliability

This, and a lot more, are waiting for you at Angel One’s cutting edge advanced Super App. Download the app and open a demat account with Angel One today to experience the next generation of fintech innovation!

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