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Efficient Order Placing and Tracking, Now on the Angel One Web App

04 August 20236 mins read by Angel One
Be it placing orders, tracking open positions or finding the right algo trading partner platform - the latest features are all about making your order journeys shorter, faster and smoother!
Efficient Order Placing and Tracking, Now on the Angel One Web App
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What is New?

  1. Trade assets and track positions directly from the charts of the asset.
  2. Check realised and unrealised gains/losses, search and filter scrips and access position details on the Position book under Orders.
  3. Access SmartStore, Angel One’s one-stop solution for all your algo trading needs.

Trade from Charts

The decision to place an order is often taken while observing the charts of an asset. Hence, it only makes sense that you should be able to place an order on an asset directly from the chart of that asset. You should not have to change screens, nor should there be any lags or confusion. To make sure that is the case, you can now reach the orderpad on an asset from the following 4 places on the chart:

  1.  Right below the scrip name, the buy button in green and the sell button in red. Clicking them will open the web order pad on the chart canvas itself.
  2. You can click on the ‘+’ sign on the Y-axis at any price level. Clicking will show you the choices to Buy, Sell and ‘Create new order’ too. Choosing any of these options will again open the web orderpad on the chart.

+ sign order (1)

3. You can simply right-click anywhere on the chart canvas. You will be shown the same options of sell, buy and ‘Create new order’ from here too.

4. You can click on the three dots or kebab menu right beside the scrip name at the top. It will show option of trade → ‘Create new order’, clicking which will open the web order pad.

Having multiple access points for the orderpad eases the technical process of ordering. All you have to do now is decide whether to trade the asset or not based on any parameter(s) of your choice. No matter at what point of your research you make the decision to trade, the buy and sell buttons will never be too far away!

In addition to this, once an order is placed, you can track the status directly from the same chart. Metrics that you can track include the performance of the scrip in terms of open orders, positions, order history and total gains or losses. You no longer have to visit the Orders page and search for your orders related to that particular scrip. This will give you a new approach to look at your past decisions on that particular asset.

order tracking

Changes in Position Book

There have been several changes made in the position section of the web app. Let us check them in detail.

  1. You can now see the unrealised gains/losses and realised gains/losses for the whole day in the position book by clicking the arrow next to ‘Total G/L’ at the bottom of the positions list under Orders section.
  2. You can search scrips in your position book by typing in the expiry date , CE and PE carryforward, Intraday, Delivery, and Margin on the search bar of the position book.
  3. You can see the details for individual positions directly from the position book. Simply click on the three dots menu next to ‘Exit’ under Action/Order Type. Then choose position details from the dropdown menu.
  4. You can filter your positions based on exchange, status of order, product type, profit/loss and long/short trade.

Access the Cutting Edge Platforms Integrated With SmartAPI

You can now access the Angel One SmartStore platform directly from the Home page, right beside Stock SIP under Tools. Smart Store by Angel One is one of a kind marketplace that exclusively features trading and investment apps integrated with our openAPI product, SmartAPI product. It offers a wide range of rule-based fintech apps that cater to different trading strategies. 

Users can explore and choose from various apps, execute trades, and manage their investments effectively. Additionally, Smart Store provides educational resources, including blogs and webinars, to help users stay updated with the latest trends and insights in the trading and investment space. It also facilitates community engagement, allowing users to discuss and exchange ideas about trading strategies and platforms.

Other features

  1. The section under ‘Holding Breakup’ for individual stocks in your portfolio will now include sell transactions details, in addition to existing buy transactions.
  2. You can now download an excel document showing the Trades and Charges of the entire financial year.
  3. You can now directly click on any price included in the bid & ask on market depth. You will automatically reach the orderpad with that price pre-filled.
  4. You can now access offers and rewards directly from web app as well.

Final Words

This July has seen some incredible features being launched on the Angel One Super app. Be sure to check out our future product updates under the Angel One blog or on the Angel One community page!

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