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Dividend Stocks in March 2024

04 March 20245 mins read by Angel One
Check upcoming dividend-paying stocks for March 2024 and learn how dividends work, offering a consistent income source to investors.
Dividend Stocks in March 2024
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Dividends are financial rewards companies distribute to their shareholders, reflecting a share of their profits. Beyond being a source of income for investors, dividends are indicators of a company’s stability and financial health. Regular dividend payments can enhance stock valuation and attract long-term investors seeking consistent returns. 

In this article, we’ll explore the dividend-paying stocks to look out for in March 2024, highlighting their significance in offering financial returns and a commitment to shareholder interests.

Dividend Paying Stocks in March 2024

Name of the company Dividend Type Dividend % Record Date Ex-Dividend Date
CRISIL Ltd Final 2,800 March 28, 2024
Castrol India Ltd Final 90 March 21, 2024 March 21, 2024
Panchsheel Organics Ltd Interim  0.80 March 8, 2024 March 7, 2024

Overview of Dividend Paying Stocks in March 2024

  • CRISIL Ltd

CRISIL Ltd, previously known as Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited, is an analytical company that provides ratings, research, and risk and policy advisory services. It is a subsidiary of the American company S&P Global. 

  • Castrol India Ltd

Castrol India Ltd is a lubricant company. The company is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of automotive and industrial lubricants and related products. The company’s popular brands are Castrol CRB, Castrol Activ, Castrol GTX, Castrol POWER1, etc.

  • Panchsheel Organics Ltd

Panchsheel Organics Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of a comprehensive range of APIs, nutraceuticals, intermediates, bio-fertilisers, bio-stimulants, growth promoters, finished formulas, steroids, and more. 

How Do Dividends Work?

Dividends are nothing but a portion of a company’s profits, which are distributed to its shareholders. These dividends are distributed in the form of cash or additional shares. The dividend benefit each shareholder receives is proportional to their ownership stake in the company. For example, if a company declares a dividend of ₹10 per share and an investor holds 100 shares, they would receive ₹1,000 in dividend payments.

Let’s consider a company, XYZ Ltd, with a total profit of ₹1 million and 1 million outstanding shares. If XYZ decides to distribute 20% of its profits as dividends, the total dividend amount would be ₹2,00,000. Shareholders would then receive ₹0.20 per share (₹2,00,000/1,000,000 shares). If an investor owns 5,000 shares, their dividend payment would be ₹1000 (₹0.20 * 5,000 shares).

In this way, dividends provide a direct return on investment to shareholders based on the company’s profitability and distribution policy.


Many companies have recently published their dividend plans for March 2024, though this list might not be exhaustive. Additional companies may still be in the process of determining their dividend payouts. For those curious about a specific company’s dividends, conducting personal research or consulting with your financial advisor before making any investment decisions is advisable.

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Disclaimer: This article has been written for educational purposes only. The securities quoted are only examples and not recommendations.

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