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Check Out the Enhancements Made in Dec’23 on the Angel One Mobile App

02 January 20246 mins read by Angel One
Placing orders directly from the charts and pledge status of stocks clearly declared on the orderpad - the order journey just became a lot easier!
Check Out the Enhancements Made in Dec’23 on the Angel One Mobile App
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What’s New?

  1. Now place orders, track them, reverse your position and check market depth, directly from the Chart itself on the Angel One mobile app! 
  2. Clear and transparent pledge status on the orderpad.

Trade Directly from Charts

We have enabled this by adding the following features to the charts on the Angel One mobile app:

  • You can now reach the orderpad from 2 different places on the chart itself. 
  • Once an order is placed, you can track the status and performance of the scrip in terms of open orders and positions directly from the same chart.
  • You can reverse your position on an order with a single click

 With the orderpad accessible from the chart itself, you can now place the order with the chart data right in front of you. This feature becomes especially handy if you are entering and exiting a position in a matter of minutes or seconds. 

Equally important is the fact that now you can track the market depth of an asset as well as all your orders related to a scrip directly from its chart itself! You no longer have to visit the detailed asset page to find the market depth of a scrip. 

Nor do you have to visit the Orders page and search for your different open orders and positions related to that particular scrip. You can view these details along with the chart on the same screen. This will give you a new approach to look at your past decisions on that particular asset. You can also reverse a position that you have on a scrip with a single click from the Chart itself. Reversing a position means if earlier you were long on 2 shares, post-reversing, you will be shorting on 2 shares of the same company.

Note: These features are present by default on the Angel One mobile version. You do not have to activate them separately.

press and hold for orderpad reverse psoition

Pledge Status Clarified

To clear any confusion regarding the status of the stocks that you wish to pledge, we are providing you with the following clarity related to the pledge status:

  1. Are the pledged assets MTF approved or not?
  2. Will the pledge be generated or not?
  3. Can you hold the stock for more than 7 days or not? In other words, is the asset pledged for a 7-day loan only?

The status on this will be shown when you click on the ‘PAY LATER’ tab on the Orderpad. You will see the message on the status right below the ‘Smart Orders’ section.

  • If the asset can be pledged, the time window to do so will be shown. 
  • In case there is an issue that can be solved, e.g. if you need to add funds to buy that asset, that message will be shown too.
  • In case the MTF feature is not activated already, you will be notified of it and given the link for activation here itself.

mtf leftmtf middlemtf right

Fig.: MTF eligibility message (left), MTF not applicable (middle) and option to activate MTF (right).

Wait! We have a few other exciting features lined up for you!

  1. Hedge Breaks – Usually if you create a multi-legged option strategy that hedges the risk of the overall strategy, then you have to pay less margin. However, if you exit one of these legs in the strategy, then the margin required may increase, in which case you will be given a notification to add funds.
  2. Biometric Payments – In addition to UPI, Netbanking and Google Pay for funds transactions, you now have the additional options of biometric pay and one-click pay as well.
  3. Home Page – The Home Page has been redesigned for easier access to key portals such as Mutual Funds, ETF, Stock Discovery, etc.

Final Words

For more updates on the stock market as well as the latest features on Angel One, follow the Angel One blog or the Angel One Community page! Update your mobile app to its latest version to enjoy the updated features.

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