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Can you bear to not own equities in the gig economy?

09 August 20226 mins read by Angel One
Can you bear to not own equities in the gig economy?
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What is the market’s future trajectory?

Fear of missing out is no longer a thing. Many were concerned that they would never be able to purchase their preferred stocks. Whether in auto stocks or consumer stocks, the downturn is providing a chance for investors who have been left out.

As a result, the overarching message for us is to never be disappointed that we left the market when share prices have skyrocketed. In the meantime, some sectors are being re-rated lower for various reasons, but investors are getting a chance to buy. The most important thing to remember is that when you feel left out, the market allows you to re-enter.

The second thing to remember is to keep your fuel dry. There are numerous initial public offerings, such as Zomato and Paytm. Zomato IPO will be open between July 14 and 16. The dynamics will be altered by new types of businesses. Many people believe you should begin allocating capital there. For these IPOs, investors should maintain some cash on hand. FOMO is dead, and IPOs are in full swing!

Does Zomato ignore all of the basic and historical value parameters?

The final line is to consider how investors value these businesses. In a corporate finance textbook, there is no model that explains this phenomenon. Companies like Amazon, which had been losing money for the previous decade or two, have given amazing returns. We know that many of these companies have a bright future, regardless if we value them correctly or not. Zomato IPO Newstoo has opened many such discussions.

No genius could predict that. We assert that the market has never been very adept at doing so. In India, though, you cannot avoid having a portfolio of gig stocks. Take a look at how IT companies have fared. Infosys battled for almost a decade at Rs. 10-20 before exploding. Zomato IPO News is creating a wave the

It isn’t about EBITDA, but about being part of a promising industry. Zomato share pricerange is between Rs. 72–76 per share.It’s not sure if investors will be able to buy shares at this price again. However, many feel that not participating in the gig economy is far worse than participating in it.

Do investors think that new lockdowns will cause greater problems for two-wheeler stocks?

Two-wheeler equities are good investments. In the previous two years, they’ve done exceptionally well. They’ll take a break until October, when they’ll resume. So, if you’re looking to acquire these stocks, you’ll need to be patient. These businesses have a lot of money to give you.

Two-wheelers are a long-term investment. Concentrate on the idea that for the next decade or so, 4-5 corporations in India will monopolise this industry.

There is no doubt that 70% of India still lacks basic products such as scooters, motorcycles, and other vehicles. So it’s a longer narrative, but you’ve got to stick with it. If you’re going to play a speculative narrative, expect lousy results for the next six months.

Imagining the future of work as a digital, remote-first environment

The situation in India is dire: over 122 million people are unemployed, with no hope of obtaining work in the near future and layoff rates in huge corporations have risen. Is it possible that the jobs that have been lost will be reintroduced?

At this moment, it’s difficult to say. Although startup hiring is improving, it still does not hire nearly as many individuals as those looking for work. Governments are fighting to get their economies back on track, and delivering support to other sectors will be difficult given the heavy demand on the healthcare industry.

Millions of people are likely to be left on their own. They’ll have to tap into their networks in order to investigate new opportunities and find or create them for themselves. Many great enterprises will be born, like in earlier recessions, and will go on to create enormous financial prosperity. In the future decades, they will become the preferred employers. Can people, on the other hand, wait for that to happen?

People will have to learn to monetise their abilities and generate unorthodox economic prospects for themselves in the short run. In the pandemic age, waiting for the economy to recover is not the best approach.

Previously part-time occupations will become full-time ones, ushering in a new generation of micro-entrepreneurs who will face the difficult task of identifying their speciality and developing a viable business plan. A new category of hyper-local or niche-serving creators/micro-entrepreneurs will accompany high-growth software businesses.

People are also more likely to have a diverse set of skills. For example, one person might work as an Uber driver during the day, a digital media strategist at night, a task-rabbit hustler after dinner, and a writer/musician/gamer monetize their content late at night.


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