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Best Telecommunication Stocks in India 2024

16 January 20246 mins read by Angel One
In this article, we will unveil the top telecom stocks and regulatory transformations in India's telecom sector in 2024.
Best Telecommunication Stocks in India 2024
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Telecom Revolution in India

India’s telecommunications sector is currently valued at Rs 3,000 billion and is projected to grow at a robust CAGR of 7-9% by FY 24. Fuelled by progressive policies and a friendly investor environment, India has become a hub for global telecom manufacturing, showcasing substantial growth in service revenue over the years.

The sector’s strategic capital expenditure trends, including significant investments by major players like Jio and Bharti Airtel, reflect the dynamic shifts in the market. As India positions itself as a global digital powerhouse, this article explores the achievements, challenges, and future prospects of the telecom sector, highlighting the players shaping its trajectory.

India’s ICT Leap

As India embraces an extraordinary decade of technological advancement, the achievements in its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) capabilities and infrastructure are noteworthy. With a focus on becoming a global leader in 5G and 6G technologies, the telecom sector has witnessed the world’s largest and fastest 5G deployment, reaching 20 million connections within six months.

The nation’s shift from a ‘telecom technology importer’ to a ‘telecom technology developer’ is evident in the indigenous development of 4G/5G stacks, attracting global interest. As India gears up for the 6G era, with over 200 patents in 6G technology, the country’s vision to lead the world in advanced and affordable telecom solutions is set to define the next decade.

In the subsequent section, we delve into a table featuring the top 10 telecom companies, offering insights into their financial performance and market standing. Not all stocks in the Telecom sector, totaling over 30, met the specified criteria; hence, some are excluded from this list.

S.No.  Name  CMP Rs.  Mar Cap (Rs crore) Debt (Rs crore)  Debt 3Yrs (Rs crore)  Net Block (Rs crore)  Net Block 3Yrs Back (Rs crore)  1Yr return %  Prom. Hold. %  Qtr Sales Var %  Qtr Profit Var % 
1 Avantel 119 2,894.87 19.78 0 26.78 14.22 334.95 40.1 49.6 141.47
2 Railtel Corpn. 359.8 11,547.36 48.04 42.54 828.25 789.35 184.59 72.84 39.76 23.37
3 Suyog Telematics 1,180.00 1,243.35 182.01 43.52 360.04 125.62 177.64 47.36 18.17 33.53
4 ADC India 959 441.14 0 0.16 2.89 3.7 103.77 72.02 30.96 160.49
5 Valiant Commun. 305.55 220.61 1.64 0.13 9.02 6.57 101.54 45.52 41.04 286.49
6 Nettlinx 94.9 229.44 12.76 19.65 10.87 11.97 82.84 58.7 16.8 16900
7 NELCO 824.6 1,881.85 73.52 120.98 94.33 116.77 25.86 50.09 12.14 23
8 OnMobile Global 119.45 1,268.79 14.59 21.42 276.7 101.15 24.59 47.94 2.15 1296.72
9 Reliance Industr 2,749.00 18,59,886.27 3,16,697.00 3,55,133.00 9,24,262.00 5,32,658.00 24.36 50.27 1.08 28.87
10 Uniinfo Telecom 31.9 34.13 4.85 2.76 3.98 4.86 18.46 50.91 89.25 193.75

In the analysis of the selected telecom companies, noteworthy trends and performances have come to light.

  1. Investor Return: Avantel, Suyog Telecom, Railtel, ADC India, and Valiant Communications have emerged as multibagger returns over the past three years. This indicates investor confidence and the companies’ ability to deliver substantial returns.
  2. Strategic Asset Expansion: Companies like OnMobile Global and Suyog Telematics have shown impressive growth, more than doubling their Netblock in the current year compared to three years ago. This strategic move signifies their aggressive capacity expansion, enhancing their capabilities for future opportunities.
  3. Debt Dynamics: While debt is a valuable tool for business growth, it comes with risks. Recognizing this, companies like Reliance Industries, Nelco, OnMobile Global, and Nettlinx have successfully reduced their debt over the past three years. This emphasis on deleveraging indicates a strategic approach to mitigate risks and fortify the financial health of these companies.
  4. Sales and Profit Surge: Avantel and Uniinfo Telecom stand out with remarkable sales growth, showcasing effective business strategies. Moreover, companies like OnMobile Global, Nettlinx, Valiant Communications, Uniinfo Telecom, ADC India, and Avantel have achieved a noteworthy two-fold increase in profit compared to the previous year, signalling their adept financial management.
  5. Financial Performance and Growth: Reliance Industries has reported a robust 24.36% return, reflecting strategic investments and a significant increase in Net Block. Avantel’s remarkable 334.95% return highlights effective business strategies, while Suyog Telematics showcases substantial growth in Net Block, underlining a positive financial trajectory. This analysis provides valuable insights into the financial strategies and performances of these telecom companies, making it easier to understand their strengths in the dynamic industry landscape.

Some of the notable apart from the above pool of stocks include big players like Bharti Airtel, Indus Tower, Vodafone Idea, Tata Communications, ITI and Tejas networks

Telecom Bill Spurs Sector Transformation 

The recently sanctioned Telecommunications Bill, 2023, marks a revolutionary shift in India’s telecom regulations, discarding archaic laws dating back to the 19th century. This comprehensive legislation addresses vital facets, from authorizations to user protection.

The bill streamlines the authorization process, replacing multiple licenses with a unified mechanism, fostering stability for operators. From a financial perspective, this shift promises operational efficiency. Spectrum allocation sees a dual approach, balancing market dynamics with national interests.

Financially, this ensures targeted spectrum use for critical services. The bill grants interception powers, raising the stakes for robust security measures. Infrastructure expansion and Digital Bharat Nidhi underscore the commitment to bridging the digital divide, and creating potential investment avenues.

Regulatory centralization invites scrutiny of market dynamics, impacting TRAI’s role. The specified penalties ensure a predictable regulatory environment for telecom operators, shaping a transformative era for the sector.


In culmination, the in-depth analysis of the top 10 telecom companies, coupled with the transformative Telecom Bill of 2023, offers investors invaluable insights. Stocks like Avantel, Suyog Telecom, and Railtel emerge as promising multibaggers, reflecting investor confidence. Strategic expansions, highlighted in OnMobile Global and Suyog Telematics, position them for future opportunities.

Debt reduction strategies by Reliance Industries, Nelco, OnMobile Global, and Nettlinx enhance financial robustness. Noteworthy sales and profit surges in Avantel and Uniinfo Telecom showcase effective business strategies. As the Telecom Bill fosters operational efficiency and targeted spectrum use, investors can leverage this data to navigate and potentially benefit from the dynamic shifts in the telecom sector.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions. 

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