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Basket Order and More, Now on the Angel One iOS App!

11 December 20236 mins read by Angel One
Basket Orders, advanced stock search via TradeEasy, dynamic stock shareholding details, quicker adding of funds - this month’s iOS has something for both traders and investors!
Basket Order and More, Now on the Angel One iOS App!
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What’s New?

  1. Put multiple orders within a single basket and place them all with one click via the basket order.
  2. Find stocks based on their key features with ease via TradeEasy.
  3. Find the top mutual funds investing in a stock as well as changes in the shareholding patterns of the company, all on the stock details page.
  4. Add funds with fewer clicks by directly using the previously used methods.

Placing the Basket Order

A basket order allows you to place multiple orders at a time with a single click. All you have to do is add the orders into a basket beforehand and then place all the orders in the basket by a single order of the entire basket when the time is right. 

The process of placing a basket order is simple:
1. Go the ‘Baskets’ section under the ORDERS page on the Angel One app. Click on ‘CREATE NEW BASKET’. 

  1. Search stocks from the search bar. Enter the details of the order and click on ‘ADD TO BASKET’. Once the order is added, click on ‘SAVE BASKET’ and name your basket. You can thereafter follow this process to add multiple orders in the basket.
  2. Once the time is right, click on ‘PLACE BASKET’ and all the orders in the basket will be placed together.

List of baskets

Fig.: List of baskets (with the clone icon next to it).

Why Should You Place Basket Orders?

Basket orders incur no extra costs apart from the usual brokerage. However, they bring to you some unique advantages:

  • Ease of use

You can execute multiple orders at the same time based on a single strategy. For example, you can set up a butterfly spread strategy for an option and then execute all the orders at the same time. At the crucial moment of execution, you do not have to recall all the asset pages, visit them all and accurately fill in the order details for each of them.

  • Reduced margin required

While creating a Basket with hedged positions, you enjoy a reduced margin for your hedged position.

For example, if you combine two orders into a Basket and place the Basket order then the required margin could be less than half the original margin requirement.

  • Efficient Order Slicing

Order slicing help you automatically divide a major order into multiple smaller orders to meet the upper limit on the number of lots set by the exchange. If your order in a basket becomes a split order, you will be able to see the status of each individual split order that is a part of the single, larger order inside the Basket. 

You can also easily cancel, delete or modify the split orders of the original order with a single click instead of having to execute the same task multiple times for each split order.

  • Cloning

You can now create multiple clones of an existing order. This will allow you to quickly scale up your orders with incredible ease, without manually replicating each set of scrips for each new basket.


Fig.: Naming the cloned basket

  • Add any asset class

Stocks, indices, F&O, currency or commodity – you can add any of these assets to your basket. 

  • Better navigability

Once the basket order is placed, you can immediately see their status. You can also easily filter the list of orders in a basket based on their order status i.e. executed, pending or failed.

Use TradeEasy to Search Stocks

If you want to search for stocks based on various metrics such as low share price, sector, market cap, latest price movements, etc, then TradeEasy will help you immensely!

Simply go to the ‘Tools’ section on your Home page and choose TradeEasy. You will reach the main discovery page where you will find the following curated lists of stocks in that category:

  1. Easy on Pocket – This list will have stocks with low market prices. You could choose stocks that are priced at less than ₹2000 or ₹100 or even less than ₹50.
  2. Trending Stocks – The most actively traded stocks on Angel One for the day will be on this list.
  3. Top Gainers – This list will have stocks with the highest percentage gains from the previous closing price.
  4. Custom Search – This will allow you to narrow your search based on a category of your preference rather than the ones mentioned above.
  5. Top Losers – This list has the stocks with the highest percentage losses from the previous day’s closing price.
  6. Sector in Focus – This includes sectors with higher scrip counts and relevance.
  7. 52 Week High – This includes the list of stocks that have hit their 52 week high today .
  8. 52 Week Low – This includes the list of stocks that have hit their 52 week low today.

The lists will be presented on separate cards on your screen. Clicking on a card will show you the entire list. However, to make things easy, the individual stock pages you reach via TradeEasy are much simpler than the standard one, with only the chart and important details, along with the option to buy the stock. The orderpads have also been simplified with only the options of limit order and market order.

curated lists page  curated lists 2 (1)individual stock (1)

Fig.: Curated lists (left and center) and individual stock page (right)

If you want to further refine your search for search for a stock, you can use the ‘Custom Search’ option to try different combinations to filter the stocks that you are viewing.

When you click on the ‘Custom Search’ card, you will be given the option to narrow down your search based on index, market capitalisation, sector, price or tags (e.g. Active Today, Top Gainers, etc).

For example, you can narrow down your search to a list of ‘large-cap’ stocks from ‘IT’, ‘FMCG’ and ‘Automobile’ sectors that come under ‘Nifty 500’. 

custom search (1)

Fig.: Custom Search on TradeEasy

Enhanced Stock Details

On the standard stock details page, you now check out the following data directly on the Android app:

  1. You can see the list of mutual funds that have invested the most in that stock. It will help you understand the market sentiment towards the stock and how major players are investing in it.
  2. You can also see the quarterly change in the shareholding pattern of the stock in terms of the proportion held by promoters, FIIs, mutual funds, insurance companies, etc. 

top mf investedshareholding patterns

Fig.: Top mutual funds invested (left) and shareholding patterns over time (right).

Now let us look at an innovation that we have made in the Account section of the iOS app!

Add Funds Quickly 

Adding funds can now be done quicker than before! When you click ‘ADD FUNDS’ in the Account section, then a short window will ow appear below, showing:

  1. The space to enter the amount you want to add, along with standard amounts.
  2. The payment method that you had last used, appearing as a payment mode option this time again.
  3. The option to ‘ADD FUNDS’ or to choose another payment method by clicking ‘VIEW ALL PAYMENT METHODS’.

You can then simply enter the amount to be added and click on ‘ADD FUNDS’ to start the payment process via the bank account.
However, if you want to use another method, you will have to go back to the standard, expanded screen for adding funds.

add funds short sleeve

But wait! That’s not all! We still have some more exciting features waiting for you!

Additional Features

Apart from the ones mentioned above, we have a few more upgrades for you:

  1. You can go to ‘Push Notification Settings’ from the top menu to choose whether to keep receiving promotional, advisory or transactional notifications or to turn off one or more of them. Each notification will also be tagged with the aforementioned category names.
  2. On the Portfolio page, you can now instantly access a separate section on portfolio advisory powered by ARQ Prime.

Final Words

If you want to know about more such exciting features along with regular stock market updates, then follow the Angel One blog. You can also talk to us and other fellow Angel One users on the Angel One community!

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