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7 Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis

09 August 20224 mins read by Angel One
7 Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis
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In order to be a successful trader you need to conduct research of your own and come up with a strategy accordingly. However, to conduct your research you need reliable sources of information. The internet is a bank of information and the more information you can extract from it, the better your trades will be. In order to survive in the stock market, you have to understand it and in order to understand it, you have to track it. In India, there are many websites which provide stock market but there are a very few reliable sources that you can rely on and should follow.

Here is our pick of 7 reliable websites to track the stock market:


MoneyControl is one of the best investment information website in India. It has a simple interface and interesting content from which you can learn more about the stock market. You can use their portfolio tracker which lets you track all your investments together through one single dashboard. All sorts of investments are covered by this website along with all global markets.

The Economic Times

The second most popular business newspaper in the world, The Economic Times has a readership of over 8 lakh. As far as the Indian economy is concerned, be prepared to get fully detailed news articles and analysis for your trading purposes. Along with that you also get to know how the international markets are performing along with prices of shares and commodities.

Stock Broker in India

If you are a trader or investor who is in the search for their perfect stock broker, look no further. Stock Broker in India provides you with a vast array of information which you can use to your advantage in choosing your stock broker. From broker profiles to broker comparisons, you can use all this information to conclude your decision.

Business Today

Business Today is the most popular business magazine in India. It is published fortnightly and provides its readers with the best report of the businesses in India. If you want a deeper understanding of the world of business, look no further as Business Today will be perfect to suit your purpose. This periodical takes it business journalism seriously and has taken it to a whole new level.

Value Research

Established in 1990, Value Research provides sound advice and analysis for mutual fund investments. You can access all that the news and research about mutual funds on their website or through the periodicals and books that they publish regularly. They cover all the avenues of investment that are available in India and is one of the most widely used source of financial literature as far as mutual funds are concerned.

Angel One

Angel One provides you with a list of their top picks for immediate investments that they carefully pick after conducting their own research. More than half of your research is already done by them, and all you need to do is take your pick. You also get access to detailed company reports along with analysis of these frontline stocks. All in all, Angel One provides its users with key information that shapes the flow of the market. It is an all-rounder when it comes to providing valuable information regarding the stock market and its players.


OnlineShareTrading helps you find out the brokerage firm that best suits your purposes. Research is the name of the game when you are an investor so it is very important to conduct a research of your own to find out which broker suits you the most. OnlineShareTrading provides you services for trading in the stock market and helps you choose your broker by conducting most of the research on your behalf.

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