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About Balaji Amines


Balaji Amines Ltd. (BAL) was incorporated on October 27, 1988, and is promoted by the KPR Group of Industries. The company is a leading producer of ethyl and methyl amines, which have various applications in the chemical industry. The company began its journey with the production of Methyl Amines. Then, it went on to manufacture Ethyl Amines and other derivatives of Methyl and Ethyl Amines. The company was listed on August 17, 1995. It has 4 manufacturing facilities, i.e. 3 plants at Tuljapur and Chincholi in Maharashtra and one at Medak, Telangana. Balaji Amines set up its first aliphatic amine plant in Solapur, Maharashtra in 1989. In 1992, it developed its first R&D centre for derivatives of methyl amines and speciality chemicals in Bollaram, near Hyderabad. In 1995, it began the production of Di-Methyl Amine Hydrochloride. Presently, BAL is the largest producer of Di-Methyl Amine Hydrochloride. It also became an ISO 9001 company in 2001. BAL became the first and only producer of GBL, NMP, and Morpholine in India in 2006. In 2010, it installed wind turbines for in-house power generation. In 2013, it commissioned a Di-Methyl Formamide Plant with an 18,000 MTA capacity at Solapur. In 2016, it established a plant to manufacture Acetonitrile. In 2019, the company established a new plant under its subsidiary, Balaji Specialty Chemicals Private Ltd. In FY 23, the company commissioned Phase I of DMC, PG and PC plants, with a production capacity of 15,000 tons of Di-methyl Carbonate (DMC)/ Propylene Carbonate (PC) and another 15,000 tons of Propylene Glycol (PG).

Business Segments

Balaji Amines has 3 major reportable segments:
  1. Chemicals - Manufacturing of speciality chemicals, aliphatic amines and derivatives. This segment comprises the following subcategories:
    1. Aliphatic Amines - These include products such as Mono Methyl or Di-Methyl or Tri-Methyl Amines, Ethyl Amines, etc. They have many applications, such as pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, rocket fuel, etc.
    2. Amine Derivatives - These are used to make further salts and other complex chemical intermediates and API’s. Di-Methyl Amine Hydrochloride (DMA HCL) is one of BAL’s key product offerings in this category.
    3. Speciality chemicals and others - This category includes key speciality chemicals such as Morpholine, Acetonitrile (ACN) and Dimethylformamide.
  2. Hotel - BAL owns a five-star hotel in Solapur, Maharashtra, where it provides hotel, restaurant and hospitality services.
  3. CFL lamps - The company also has a CFL lamps facility at Medak, Telangana.
Subsidiaries Balaji Speciality Chemicals Limited (BSCL) is the only subsidiary of the BAL. The subsidiary is engaged in the manufacturing of Ethylenediamine (EDA), Piperazine (Anhydrous), Aminoethylpiperazine (AEP), Diethylene triamine (DETA) and many other speciality chemicals.

Key Personnel

Mr Dundurapu Ram Reddy, Managing Director Mr Ram has over 3 decades of experience in the management sector. Since 1988, he has taken responsibility in the company's procurement, marketing and logistics roles. He has helped establish customer and supplier relationships with major buyers in the state and overseas.

Corporate Actions

The company has performed the following corporate actions in the recent past: Stock Split The company split its stock from a face value of ₹10 to ₹2 per share with a record date of November 19, 2010. Mergers and Acquisitions
  • In 2017-18, 2 subsidiaries of the company, viz. Bhagyanagar Chemicals Ltd and Balaji Greentech Products Ltd were amalgamated with BAL.

Parent Organisation
Indian Private
Managing Director
A Prathap Reddy
NSE Symbol

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Balaji Amines Ltd FAQs

Balaji Amines Ltd (BALAMINES) share price as of July 22, 2024, on NSE is Rs 2317.45 (NSE) and Rs 2317.45 (BSE) on BSE.
Yes, You can buy Balaji Amines Ltd (BALAMINES) shares by opening a Demat account with Angel One.
Balaji Amines Ltd (BALAMINES) share can be bought through the following modes:
1. Direct investment: You can buy Balaji Amines Ltd (BALAMINES) shares by opening a Demat account with Angel One.
2. Indirect investment: The indirect method involves investing through ETFs and Mutual Funds that offer exposure to Balaji Amines Ltd (BALAMINES) shares.
The main business of Balaji Amines is to manufacture aliphatic amines, ethylamines, methylamines, and their derivatives, along with pharma excipients and speciality chemicals for pesticides and pharma sector-based companies.
The top promoters of Balaji Amines include Ande Prathap Reddy, Apr Holdings And Investments LLP, Shakunthala Devi Ande, Ande Srinivas Reddy, Hemanth Reddy Gaddam, Achanta Annapurna, Madhumathi Gaddam, Nomula Deepti Rajeshwarreddy, Ram Reddy Dundurapu, Dundurapu Vandana Reddy, and Saritha Nomula.
The only subsidiary that comes under Balaji Amines is Balaji Speciality Chemicals Limited (BSCL).
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