Wipro Buyback 2023

28 April 2023
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Wipro has announced that it will buy back its shares from the market. Check out all the details related to their offer.
Wipro Buyback 2023

Wipro Limited is a multinational corporation headquartered in Bengaluru, India that provides a wide range of information technology, consulting, and business process services. They offer digital strategy, IT services, IT consulting, business consulting, and other services to a variety of industries including personal care, healthcare, lighting, furniture, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, natural resources, and more. The company has a global presence and operates in multiple countries worldwide. 

The company has been acknowledged with numerous accolades and acknowledgements for its outstanding performance. It was enlisted in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and awarded the Silver Class Sustainability Yearbook Award in 2021. The company also obtained a Gold sustainability rating from Ecovadis, scoring in the 95th percentile among all companies assessed globally in the same sector. Additionally, the company was recognized as a Great Place to Work (GPTW) in India in 2022 and was ranked among the Top 50 Best Companies to Work for in India in 2022. The GPTW institute also named the company as one of India’s Best Employers Among Nation-Builders in 2022, among other honours.

On Thursday, 27th April, Wipro announced that it will be conducting a tender offer to buy back up to 269,662,921 shares with a face value of Rs 2 each from its shareholders. The buyback will be carried out on a proportionate basis and the shares will be purchased for Rs 445 per equity share.

According to the IT company, they will provide information about the process, record dates, timelines, and other relevant details through a public announcement. Additionally, they mentioned that they will follow the Buyback Regulations and publish the letter of offer accordingly.

Wipro Buyback 2023 Important Dates

Buyback Meeting Date: April 27, 2023
Buyback Announcement Date: April 27, 2023
Buyback Record Date: June 16 2023
Buyback Open Date: June 22 2023
Buyback Close Date: June 29 2023

Wipro Buyback: Offer Details

Offer Amount: ₹12,000 Crores
Number of Shares: 26,96,62,921 Equity Shares
Face Value: ₹2 per equity share
Buyback Price: ₹445 per equity share
Listing: BSE, NSE
Buyback Type: Tender Offer

How can you be a part of the Wipro Buyback 2023?

Investors who hold Wipro shares in their Demat account as of the date to be announced in the future will qualify for the Wipro Buyback 2023 program. Eligible shareholders can participate in the buyback scheme by selling their shares and will receive payment based on the number of shares accepted by the company as part of the Wipro buyback plan.

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Wipro Current Shareholders

Wipro, a technology company, has over 400.19 crore equity shares or 72.92% held by its promoter and promoter group, including Azim Premji, his wife Yasmeen, and sons Rishad and Tariq. 

Indian financial institutions, banks, and mutual funds hold 15.04 crore equity shares or 2.74%, while foreign investors have about 53.67 crore equity shares or 9.78%. 

The Indian public, corporates, and others hold 79.89 crore equity shares or 14.56% of the company.


A buyback is often expected to enhance return on equity by distributing cash and improve earnings per share by reducing the equity base in the long run. This can ultimately lead to a rise in the overall value for shareholders. Additionally, a buyback presents a chance for shareholders to increase their ownership percentage in the company.


What is the Wipro buyback 2023?

The Wipro buyback 2023 is a share repurchase program initiated by the company to buy back its own shares from the shareholders. The company offers to purchase a certain number of shares at a fixed price from the shareholders who wish to tender their shares.

Can I participate in the Wipro buyback 2023?

Yes, you can participate in the Wipro buyback 2023 if you are a shareholder of the company on the record date which is June 16 2023. The record date is the date on which the company will determine the list of shareholders who are eligible to participate in the buyback offer.

What is the process for participating in the Wipro buyback 2023?

The detailed process for participating in the Wipro buyback 2023 will be outlined in the official offer document released by the company. Typically, shareholders who wish to participate in the buyback offer will have to submit a tender form along with their share certificates to the designated registrar and transfer agent.

Will my shareholding in Wipro change if I participate in the buyback offer?

Yes, your shareholding in Wipro will decrease if you participate in the buyback offer and your shares are accepted by the company. The number of shares that you hold in the company will be reduced by the number of shares that you tender in the buyback offer.

Is the Wipro buyback 2023 a good opportunity for investors?

The decision to participate in the Wipro buyback 2023 depends on individual investment goals and strategies. It is advisable to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Which type of buyback is Wipro Buyback offer?

The Wipro Buyback is a Tender Offer.

What is the issue size of Wipro Buyback?

The issue size of Wipro Buyback is 269,662,921.00 equity shares at ₹445 per share adding up to Rs. 12,000.00 Crores.