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VLCC is Preparing For a Mid-year IPO Launch

07 February 20244 mins read by Angel One
VLCC is Preparing For a Mid-year IPO Launch
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VLCC Health and Fitness Treatment will begin its initial public offering in the middle of this year, according to the head of the wellness and health care organization. “By then, we anticipate that the global market uncertainty caused by the continuing Russia-Ukraine conflict would have subsided. We believe the time is right for listing now that the pandemic has passed, discretionary spending has increased, and healthcare is a priority,” Mukesh Luthra said. The company expects to raise Rs 850-900 crore through the IPO.

In November of last year, market regulator SEBI approved VLCC’s IPO. VLCC offers wellness and elegance clinics as well as ability development institutions for beauty and nutrition. Nonetheless, numerous Indian companies, like PharmEasy, Delhivery and Oyo, have put their IPO plans on hold in recent months owing to high volatility in global markets.

Luthra was addressing this during the debut of VLCC’s healthcare, wellness, and beauty clinics, which are part of a strategic alliance signed in late 2019 with Thailand-based Minor Inns. He asserted that the pandemic-stricken hotel sector’s consumer outlook had improved after two years. “As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic effect, there is every sign that this is the beginning of the revival of wellness tourism,” he stated.

The Small Group operates three businesses: hotels and lodges, eating venues, and lifestyle makers, with profits of over $4 billion and a market capitalization of more than $5 billion. Sizzler, Swensen’s, Dairy Queen, and Burger King restaurants, as well as Four Seasons Resorts & Resorts, Marriott Lodges & Resorts, and St Regis inns, are among the companies in its portfolio that may have direct ownership or operational rights.

“We are certain that, in the future, proactive wellness care and wellness will be an active usage topic across age ranges, owing to the increased awareness of purchasers to invest in the precise, catalyzed by the pandemic,” said chairman William E Heinecke.

Issue Object for VLCC Health Care’s Initial Public Offering

Their business plan is to use the net proceeds to sponsor the following projects:

  • Establishing VLCC Institutes and VLCC Wellness Clinics in India, as well as refurbishing several existing VLCC Wellness Clinics in India and the GCC Region.
  • Repayment and/or prepayment of various borrowings taken out by their Company and Subsidiaries, in part or in whole.
  • Brand development investment; digital and information technology infrastructure investment; general corporate objectives investment.

VLCC’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) – Business Strategy

  • Use technology and digital efforts to turn their operations into a digitally-driven, future-ready Wellness & Beauty company with an omnichannel presence;
  • Boost the business’s Personal Care Products division’s development;
  • Increase the rate of growth of their Wellness Clinics and Institutes in India, and use their GCC expertise to seek new prospects in underserved areas in the region;
  • Increase same-store sales, and continue to improve brand awareness and customer loyalty.

VLCC Health Care Initial Public Offering (IPO) – Basis of Offer Price

  • VLCC’s position as a leading brand in the Indian wellness and beauty industry, as well as its bespoke integrated business strategy and ability to harness size, scope, and breadth
  • Capability to discover and develop a product portfolio that is unique.
  • Financial framework that is appealing
  • Promoters with a lot of experience and a lot of management skills.

Company Overview

Mrs. Vandana Luthra founded VLCC Health Care in 1989 as a beauty and weight control services center, and the company was established in 1996. The Company’s purpose has been to impact lives by making Wellness & Beauty accessible to both women and men since its start.

Wrapping Up

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