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Upcoming IPOs of October 2022

09 November 20236 mins read by Angel One
October will see a lot of action in the primary market, with several companies releasing IPOs. Find out which companies have upcoming IPOs in October 2022.
Upcoming IPOs of October 2022
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Upcoming IPOs in October 2022

Investors have become more aware of how they can invest in the stock market, like IPOs.  

IPO investment can offer both short-term and long-term gains. You can select the right IPO to invest in a growing company, depending on your investment goals. But how will you learn about the upcoming IPOs? Worry not! Every month, we release an updated list of forthcoming IPOs and their details. 

Upcoming IPOs in October

Several corporations are planning to list themselves on the stock exchange in October. Here is a list of upcoming IPOs.

Name of the Company Size of IPO (Approx.) Expected IPO Date 
DCX Systems  500 Cr. Preapply Now
Electronics Mart India  500 Cr. 4 – 7 Oct-22
Keventer Agro  350 Cr. Oct-22
Capital Small Finance Bank  450 Cr. Oct-22
Sresta Natural Bioproducts  NA Oct-22
Landmark Cars  NA Oct-22
OLA Cabs  1500 Cr. Oct-22
Elin Electronics 760 Cr. Oct-22
Emcure Pharmaceuticals 1100 Cr. Oct-22

Electronics Mart India Ltd. (EMIL)

Electronics Mart has filed for a Rs 500 crore IPO, which they said will use to fund expansion. 

The company is the fourth largest consumer durable and electronics retailer in India, with a significant presence in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. As of August 2021, Electronics Mart had 99 stores in the country. 

In 2020, EMIL recorded the highest EBITDA among peers. Even amid COVID, the company generated operating revenue of Rs 32,018.76 million in FY21, registering 0.93% year-on-year growth.

Keventer Agro

The Kolkata-based FMCG firm has filed the draft with SEBI to float a public offer of fresh shares close to Rs 350 crore and offer for sale equity shares up to 1 crore.

Keventer Agro specialises in packaged, dairy, and fresh foods in urban, semi-urban and rural areas in the north-east and eastern part of India. The company’s profit has grown steadily in the past three years, and they are expanding rapidly in the packaged food segment. 

Capital Small Finance Bank

Capital Small Finance Bank has filed for Rs 450 crore IPO containing new shares, whereas existing shareholders will offload up to 38 lakh equity shares in an offer for sale.  

Capital Small Finance Bank started operating as India’s first SFB in 2016. They are among the top Indian SBFs regarding asset quality, cost of funds, retail deposits, and CASA deposits for Fiscal 2021.

They offer a diversified product portfolio with a sizable book in multiple asset classes. 

Sresta Natural Bioproducts

The Hyderabad-based company is engaged in providing packaged organic food. 

Sresta Natural is gearing up to haul Rs 500 crore funds through the public route. They are one of the pioneers in packaged organic food items. They aim to provide chemicals and pesticides free foods rich in goodness. It owns the famous organic food brand, 24 Mantra.

The IPO contains new issues worth Rs 50 crore and 70.30 lakh equity shares in an offer for sale.

Landmark Cars

They are one of the largest car dealerships in India, owning dealerships of Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Jeep, Volkswagen, Renault and Ashok Leyland. 

Landmark Cars has filed for Rs 762 crore IPO containing Rs 150 crore in primary issues and Rs 612 crore in offer for sale equities. 

The company plans to launch its initial public offering in October 2022.

Tracxn Technologies 

Tracxn Technologies offers market intelligence data to start-up customers and provides seamless solutions.

The company has proposed an IPO consisting of 3,86,72,208 equity shares in an offer for sale. 

To float an IPO, the companies need to get approval from SEBI. Tracxn had filed DRHP with SEBI in August 2021 and received a go-ahead in November 2021. 

The IPO will be released in October 2022, but the company hasn’t announced the exact days yet.  

Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs is one of the largest mobility platforms and a global leader in transportation networks. They offer app-driven cab service and mobility solutions to 250 cities across India, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. Their online platform connects commuters with divers on various vehicles like bikes, e-rickshaws, cabs, and taxis.  

Ola Cabs has filed DRHP for Rs 1500 crore.

Elin Electronics 

Elin Electronics is a manufacturer of end-to-end product solutions for several leading brands of lighting, fans, and small kitchen appliances in India and one of the country’s leading fractional horsepower motor manufacturers. Based on the overall market, they are the largest in their domain, with more than 12 percent of the market size in Fiscal 2021.  

Elin Electronics has filed DRHP to raise Rs 760 crore from public investors. 

Emcure Pharmaceuticals 

Emcure Pharmaceuticals has filed an IPO draft with SEBI to raise Rs 1100 crore funds from the market. The offer will also include 1.81 crore equity shares in the offer for sale from existing shareholders. 

Emcure is the 12th largest pharmaceutical company in India and the largest manufacturer of gynaecology, blood-related and HIV antiviral therapeutic drugs in terms of sales volume in FY21.

According to a report by CRISIL, they are one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the country. 

When a company proposes an IPO, it is critical to understand the various attributes that can affect the offer and its future performance. Before investing, individual investors must understand the business, financial details, products, and growth prospects.  

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What is an IPO?

Companies need a flow of capital to keep their business running – to fund operations and expansions. IPOs are one of the methods that companies use to raise funds from the market. 

In an IPO, the company sells equity shares of its business to public investors and gets a listing on the stock exchange. 

IPOs belong to the primary market, where companies opt to sell their equity shares to go public. 

What is an upcoming IPO, and how to find out about them?

Upcoming IPO is a term that describes companies that have filed drafts and received SEBI’s approval. 

Individuals can search online to find details on upcoming IPOs. In Angel One, we release a list of forthcoming IPOs before each month, which you can also refer to.  

How to check the offer opening date?

You can find a list of upcoming IPOs on Angel One’s website, where you can check all relevant details regarding the IPO, including IPO size, opening and closing dates, allotment date, company information and more. 

Is IPO investment good?

Yes, investing in the right IPOs can help investors earn handsome returns in the short and long runs. 

IPOs allow investors to enter a small company’s ground floor, which can grow further on the stock market.

What is the IPO issue size?

The issue size refers to the total value of the IPO. The size is determined using the number of equities and the price of each share. Both are multiplied to decide the size of the IPO.

What is an IPO price band?

A price band is a price range provided by the issuer of the IPO. The price band contains lower and upper price limits for each share which the investors can use while applying. 

Applying at the price band’s upper limit improves your chances of getting an IPO allotment.

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