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Upcoming dividends in mutual funds

25 June 20246 mins read by Angel One
In this article, we will uncover upcoming dividends in mutual funds providing a dual advantage income and volatility buffer.
Upcoming dividends in mutual funds
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Dividend mutual funds have become increasingly popular among investors seeking a balance between income and capital appreciation. These funds offer a unique opportunity to benefit from both regular dividend payments and the potential for long-term capital growth.

What is a Dividend Mutual Fund?

Dividend mutual funds are a type of equity fund that primarily invests in companies known for paying consistent and sustainable dividends. These funds aim to provide investors with a steady income stream in the form of regular dividend payments, while also offering the potential for capital appreciation through stock price increases.

Following are the mutual fund schemes that declared a dividend on its record date:

Scheme name Category Record Date Dividend (%) Dividend (Rs / Unit)
HDFC Arbitrage Wholesale Direct-IDCW Hybrid: Arbirage 20-Jun-24 0.5 0.05
HDFC Arbitrage Wholesale Direct-IDCWM Hybrid: Arbirage 20-Jun-24 0.5 0.05
HDFC Arbitrage Wholesale-IDCW Hybrid: Arbirage 20-Jun-24 0.5 0.05
HDFC Arbitrage Wholesale-IDCWM Hybrid: Arbirage 20-Jun-24 0.5 0.05
Kotak Gilt Investment PF & Trust-IDCWQ Debt: Glit 20-Jun-24 2.212 0.2212
Nippon India Banking & PSU Debt Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Banking & PSU 20-Jun-24 1.673 0.1673
Nippon India Banking & PSU Debt-IDCWQ Debt: Banking & PSU 20-Jun-24 1.572 0.1572
Nippon India Corporate Bond Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Corporate Bond 20-Jun-24 1.911 0.1911
Nippon India Corporate Bond-IDCWQ Debt: Corporate Bond 20-Jun-24 1.8 0.18
Nippon India Credit Risk Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Credit Risk 20-Jun-24 2.529 0.2529
Nippon India Credit Risk-IDCWQ Debt: Credit Risk 20-Jun-24 2.196 0.2196
Nippon India Dynamic Bond Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Dynamic Bond 20-Jun-24 1.998 0.1998
Nippon India Dynamic Bond-IDCWQ Debt: Dynamic Bond 20-Jun-24 1.894 0.1894
Nippon India Equity Hybrid Direct-IDCWQ Hybrid: Aggressive Hybrid 20-Jun-24 2.789 0.2789
Nippon India Equity Hybrid-IDCWQ Hybrid: Aggressive Hybrid 20-Jun-24 2.525 0.2525
Nippon India Floating Rate Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Floater 20-Jun-24 1.815 0.1815
Nippon India Floating Rate-IDCWQ Debt: Floater 20-Jun-24 1.765 0.1765
Nippon India Income Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Medium to Long Duration 20-Jun-24 2.404 0.2404
Nippon India Income-IDCWQ Debt: Medium to Long Duration 20-Jun-24 2.033 0.2033
Nippon India Liquid Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Liquid 20-Jun-24 1.8818 18.818
Nippon India Liquid-IDCWQ Debt: Liquid 20-Jun-24 1.8326 18.3263
Nippon India Liquid Ret-IDCWQ Debt: Liquid 20-Jun-24 2.0895 20.8952
Nippon India Low Duration Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Long Duration 20-Jun-24 1.9334 19.3336
Nippon India Low Duration-IDCWQ Debt: Long Duration 20-Jun-24 1.7852 17.8524
Nippon India Low Duration Retail-IDCWQ Debt: Long Duration 20-Jun-24 1.7461 17.461
Nippon India Money Market Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Money Market 20-Jun-24 1.9633 19.6334
Nippon India Money Market-IDCWQ Debt: Money Market 20-Jun-24 1.9343 19.3427
Nippon India Nivesh Lakshya Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Long Duration 20-Jun-24 2.289 0.2289
Nippon India Nivesh Lakshya Reg-IDCWQ Debt: Long Duration 20-Jun-24 2.207 0.2207
Nippon India Overnight Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Overnight 20-Jun-24 1.6554 1.6554
Nippon India Overnight Reg-IDCWQ Debt: Overnight 20-Jun-24 1.6323 1.6323
Nippon India Short-term Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Short Duration 20-Jun-24 2.494 0.2494
Nippon India Short-term-IDCWQ Debt: Short Duration 20-Jun-24 2.257 0.2257
Nippon India Ultra Short Duration Direct-IDCWQ Debt: Ultra Short Duration 20-Jun-24 2.0199 20.1989
Nippon India Ultra Short Duration-IDCWQ Debt: Ultra Short Duration 20-Jun-24 1.8245 18.2449

Data as of June 19, 2024.

Benefits of Investing in Dividend Mutual Funds:

Regular Income: Dividend payments provide a reliable source of income, which can be used to supplement your regular income or reinvest to compound your returns over time.

Reduced Volatility: Dividend stocks tend to be less volatile than the broader market, making them a good option for investors seeking to build a more stable portfolio.

Capital Growth Potential: While the primary focus is on income generation, dividend mutual funds can also offer significant capital appreciation over the long term. This is due to the reinvestment of dividends and the potential for the underlying companies to grow their businesses and increase their dividends.

Diversification: Dividend mutual funds provide instant diversification by investing in a basket of companies across various sectors and industries. This helps to spread your risk and reduce the impact of any single company’s performance on your portfolio.

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Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. The information is based on various secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult with a financial expert before making investment decisions.

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