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Upcoming Stock Splits In June 2023

01 June 20235 mins read by Angel One
Here’s the list of the stock splits in June along with the impact of the stock split on your investments.
Upcoming Stock Splits In June 2023
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A stock split is a corporate action taken by a company where the number of shares is increased by reducing the value of each share. When a company’s stock price has risen to a level that it may become unattractive to many investors, it may choose to split the stock. It’s important to note that while the total value of the outstanding shares remains unchanged, stock splits do not impact the market cap of the company.

Companies can opt for various multiples when splitting their stocks, but the most common ones are 2-for-1 (2:1) or 3-for-1 (3:1) splits. This means that shareholders will receive 2 or 3 shares for each share they owned before the split.

For instance, let’s consider a company whose shares were trading at Rs. 100 a year ago and have now risen to Rs. 200. If the company announces a 2-for-1 stock split, each investor will receive an additional share for every share they hold. This doesn’t change the overall value of the investor’s holdings, but it brings down the share price to Rs. 100 again.

List of Upcoming Stock Splits in June 2023

Company Name Old Face Value (Rs.) New Face Value (Rs.) Split Date
Sylph Technologies  10 1 8th June 2023
Hardwyn India 10 1 5th June 2023
Radhagobind Commercial 10 1 2nd June 2023

Sylph Technologies 

Sylph Technologies is a small-cap technology company which is into software development outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, offshore product development, custom application development, e-commerce and wireless/mobile solutions. The company delivers cost-effective, high-quality, reliable result-oriented e-commerce and web solutions on time for a global clientele.  

The market cap of Sylph Technologies is Rs. 49.08 crore and the P/E ratio (TTM) is 53.26. The new face value of the shares of the company is Rs. 1 against Rs. 10.  

Hardwyn India 

Hardwyn India is a multiproduct trading and distribution company dealing in a wide range of aluminium products and textile products. It is a small-cap company founded in 2017. The market cap of Hardwyn is Rs. 1,082.37 crore and the P/E ratio is 119.18.  The new face value of Hardwyn India’s shares is Rs.1 against Rs. 10. 

Radhagobind Commercial

Radhagobind Commercial is a small-cap Indian company which is into textile goods trading like fancy sarees, embroidery, dress materials, etc. The company was established in 1981. The market cap of Radhagobind Commercial is Rs. 4.06 crore and the P/E ratio (TTM) is -32.44. The new face value of the shares of the company is Rs. 1 against Rs. 10.  

Is Stock Split Good News for Investors?

It’s exciting for investors to see the price of the stocks in their portfolio increase to a level that actually triggers a stock split. It can indicate that the company is growing. Stock splits make the price more affordable for a larger number of investors, encouraging new investors’ participation and, subsequently, stock price increases.

Stock splits are neither bad nor good for investors. However, investors should understand the impact of stock splits on capital gains taxes, outstanding market orders and dividend payouts. They need to adjust their capital gain or loss based on the new share price after the split.

And stock split doesn’t change the dividend payable. If you are engaging in short-selling or trading options, your order size will automatically adjust to neutralise any impact on your investment. 


While stock splits don’t change the investor’s holdings or the company’s market capitalisation,  they just provide an opportunity to capitalise on a company’s expanding prospects as the shares are available at affordable prices. Now that you have a list of upcoming stock splits in June 2023, make a decision only after understanding the impact of stock splits on your investment. To buy or sell stocks in the stock market you need to hold a Demat account. Open a Demat Account for free on Angel One now!

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