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Stay Ahead of Competition – Use Smart Marketing on NXT 2.0 

26 April 20234 mins read by Angel One
Want to grow your sub-broker business with less manual efforts in acquiring customers? NXT 2.0 has got you covered in order to meet the challenges of the future.
Stay Ahead of Competition – Use Smart Marketing on NXT 2.0 
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Angel One’s sub-broker platform, NXT 2.0 offers the following features under its new smart marketing feature so that any average authorized person can have all the technical support that he/she needs to expand the business and reach out to more and more customers, both old and new –

Performance Tracker

The Angel One marketing team expends many resources to regularly create online digital content that is creative and persuasive. The authorized partner can leverage this by downloading such marketing content and then sharing the content through their preferred channels along with their own referral links to the clients.

The Content shared or created by the authorized persons/sub-brokers themselves can be tracked by the sub-brokers once it has been distributed across their chosen channels. This means, the sub-broker can check how much are the audience engaging with the content delivered and to what extent it is generating new leads and conversions.

This will create a positive feedback loop for both the sub-brokers and Angel One whereby they can both distribute marketing content as well as track the performance of such content in terms of generating real revenue.

Why do you need Performance Tracker

The business of authorized persons is cutthroat – just having the largest business development team in the area is not going to cut it in the current day and age. This is because the digital age trading platforms and their sub-brokers are trying to capture the market through online branding and marketing. Digital marketing agencies are available indeed, but –

  1. They charge a hefty sum
  2. Their objective is to build traffic to your online platform, not your brand 

You, the average sub-broker who has built his/her relationships from the ground-up, therefore need at your fingertips all the marketing technology that is available under whatever budget constraints that you have. You can use such technology to –

  1. Generate new leads
  2. Nurture those leads in order to convert them into customers.
  3. Engage your customer base with content that helps their own investments and keeps them satisfied.
  4. Keep track of what kind of content is working well to accomplish your above three objectives with which customers.

Final words

Technology is not supposed to replace humans – they are actually meant to make our lives easier and better. The smart marketing features makes lives of authorized persons easier by giving them the perfect no-code tool for their marketing – this means that anybody could avail the software and increase the number of leads, conversions and customers retained. 

If the above features interest you already, check out NXT 2.0 and partner with Angel One, India’s trusted stockbroker.

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