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Starting Options Trading Now Made Easy on Your Angel One Android App

17 November 20236 mins read by Angel One
Be it the F&O launchpad, redesigned option chain or news portal, the latest release is all about making option trading a smoother ride, especially if you are a new trader.
Starting Options Trading Now Made Easy on Your Angel One Android App
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What’s New?

The latest Android version of Angel One brings you the following exciting features:

  1. A portal dedicated to making option trading easier for new users. This includes both learning content as well as suggested trades from our expert team.
  2. The option to search, filter and sort options contracts easily on the Positions page in the ORDERS section.
  3. A revamped option chain to enhance its readability.
  4. A dedicated portal for the latest news updates.

Enhanced F&O Launchpad

If you are new to the game of option trading, you may be feeling hesitant before making your first option trade. It can be because you feel a lack of conceptual knowledge or because you do not know how to activate the F&O segment on the app. To help you solve these issues, we bring to you a portal dedicated to making your first step into F&O trading as easy as possible.

You can access this portal by clicking on the ‘F&O Launchpad’ button at the bottom of the Home page. 

f&o launchpad

Once you access the F&O onboarding page, you will see the following features:

1. Need Help?

Clicking the ‘NEED HELP?’ option at the top will open this section. This section gives you a plethora of answers to key questions that you may have when beginning your options trading journey. The answers can be in both textual and video formats.

You will also find here the option to reach the segment activation page.

OOJ 1st pageneed help page

2. Learning Options Trading

This section offers you video-based content on the concepts related to the stock market. You can use this in your free time to gain knowledge about the stock market. 

Videos here are of two types:

  1. Quick Bites which are short clips of a few seconds covering key facts.
  2. Concepts section which involves videos that are a few minutes long or more, to provide greater clarity.

3. ‘Top Traded Indices’ and their contracts

This section will show you a short list of the top options that are being traded in large numbers in real-time. This list can be a good starting point for you to explore options to trade.

4. Active Offers 

This section will show you the latest exciting offer that Angel One has for you as a new user for activating the F&O segment within the offer period.

5. Angel One F&O Advisory

This section will offer you the latest calls related to option trades provided by Angel One’s team of stock market analysts and experts. Clicking ‘VIEW ALL CALLS’ in this section will take you to a list of calls or suggestions. You can go to the orderpad to place an order based on these calls directly from this page.

Search, Filter and Sort Orders of Options

Finding a particular option contract out of dozens of existing contracts in the ORDERS page is no longer a tedious task at all! You can find the option contract you are looking for easily by leveraging the following features:

  1. You can search for the particular option in the search bar using the date of expiry, index, etc.
  2. You can narrow down the list of Positions you are viewing by clicking on the ‘F&O’ tag at the top. 
  3. You can further filter the list of positions based on:
  • Whether it is a buy or sell order
  • The exchange
  • The product type i.e. intraday or carry forward
  • Expiry date
  • Strike price
  • Whether it is a call option or put option
  • Underlying asset

Once you have filtered the list, you can choose to see the gains and losses of only the filtered options.

4. You can also sort the list of options based on:

  • Alphabetical order
  • Size of the order value
  • Quantity ordered
  • Gains or losses
  • Strike price
  • Expiry dates

Note: The above sorting choices are applicable only for options. The non-option scrips will appear after the option scrips if any of these sorting tools are used.

sort option ordersfilter option ordersorders page filtered

Therefore, whenever you set up a complex strategy comprising multiple F&O with a common factor like expiry date or underlying asset, you can use the above filtering features to track the status of just those F&O.

Revamped Option Chain

You no longer have to scroll left and right to navigate the different data on the Option Chain on Angel One. Instead, you can simply click on the category of variables that you want to check related to an option chain. For example, in the figure below, clicking on the ‘Greeks’ and ‘Call’ will show you all the 4 option greeks together, corresponding to each strike price. Similarly, you can view the variables exclusively related to the LTP or the OI as well.

You can also filter the option contracts that you want to view based on the following parameters:

  1. 100 Multiples Only – This filter, available for Nifty 50 only, provides you with the option to view the strike prices of the indices only in increments of 100 e.g. 19200, 19300, 19400 and so on. 
  2. Volume with LTP – You can choose to show or hide the volume column with this button.
  3. OI Indication – You can choose to show or hide the OI lines.
  4. Price per Lot – You can choose to view the price per lot instead of price per individual contract. 
  5. PCR – Turning this on will show PCR (Put Call Ratio) values against every strike price. In case the calculated PCR value is coming as zero or undefined, then show it as ‘-‘.

revamped option chainoption chain filters

Note: All the above filters will be available only if you choose to view LTP variables. If you are viewing OI variables, you will see PCR, OI Indication and 100 Multiples only. In case of Greeks you will see PCR and 100 Multiples only.

This is designed to make reading the option chain a more seamless experience for you!

Dedicated News Portal

You can now access news from multiple sources such as online newspapers, and websites tracking the stock market, on a single screen on the Angel One app!

You can access the news portal, simply click on ‘News’ on the Home page of the Super app. 

Clicking ‘News’ will take you to the page where you can find the latest news under the category ‘All’. You can scroll right to find two more categories of news:

  1. Watchlist News – This section will have news related to only those companies whose stocks are on your watchlist. 
  2. Portfolio News – This section will have news related to only those companies whose stocks are in your portfolio. 

news on homepagenews first page

Clicking on the headline will show you a concise version of the news, which you can further expand if interested. If you like the article, you can easily share the news article with your friends by clicking on the share icon on the top right corner of the page.

Apart from the above, there are a few other features that we are also offering this week.

Others Features

  1. You can now view Midcapnifty and Sensex options in your Options Watchlist.
  2. Margin increases due to hedge breaks will now be notified to you.
  3. You will now receive regular nudges on MTF pledging and possible auctioning
  4. You can now view tags identifying companies going through mergers or demergers.
  5. You can now discover stocks more easily from the ‘Discover’ section on the Watchlist section. Clicking this section will show you curated lists of stocks filtered on the basis of key metrics.

Final Words

These features have all been designed keeping your trading-related needs in focus. If you liked the latest features, be sure to leave your feedback here.

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