Ami Organics Jumped 20% after Strong Debut

5 August 2022
3 mins read
by Angel One
Ami Organics Jumped 20% after Strong Debut

Ami Organics made an impressive stock debut as its shares got listed on the bourses at a 49% premium. Since listing, the share price of this Surat-based specialty chemical manufacturer has surged 84% from its IPO issue price of Rs. 610 per unit.

Moreover, on 15 September 2021, Thursday, Ami Organics share price surged 20% to a new all-time high of Rs. 1,121.45 on BSE in intraday trade. In terms of traded volume, 3.76 lakh units were bought and sold on BSE. That said, 42.13 lakh shares exchanged hands on NSE.

For investors who are willing to invest in shares of this company, it is essential to consider certain crucial aspects. Let’s take a look at them.

Competitive Strengths of Ami Organics

Here are some of the strengths of Ami Organics:

  • This company has a proven track record of delivering strong financial performances.
  • Ami Organics has an efficient research and development department besides impressive marketing capabilities.
  • The company has three manufacturing units with a total installed capacity of 6,060 MTPA.
  • It has a multi-faceted product portfolio, having over 450 pharmaceutical intermediates covering various therapeutic segments. Such therapeutic areas include anti-Parkinson, anti-coagulant, anti-psychotic, and more.
  • Ami Organics is one of the leading producers of a number of pharmaceutical intermediates, which include Trazodone, Nintedanib, Dolutegravir.
  • This company has over 150 customers that are based in India and 25 countries worldwide, including Japan, the USA, and China.

Financials of Ami Organics

These key figures offer investors an insight into the financial position of Ami Organics:

Financial Year (in millions) Total Assets (in millions) Total Expenses (in millions) Total Revenue (in millions) Profit after Tax (in millions)
2018-19 Rs. 2,131.52 Rs. 2,037.85 Rs. 2,388.96 Rs. 232.95
2019-20 Rs. 2,318.92 Rs. 2,077.32 Rs. 2,424.86 Rs. 274.70
2020-21 Rs. 4,132.68 Rs. 2,702.61 Rs. 3,419.88 Rs. 539.99

Another noteworthy highlight that investors can take note of is that the company acquired Gujarat Organics at the end of FY21. This takeover increased the installed capacity of Ami Organics from 3600 MTA to 6060 MTA. Moreover, this acquisition would add preservatives and different specialty chemicals into this company’s already diverse product portfolio.

Wrapping Up

Ami Organics appears to be in a favourable position to strengthen its presence in the specialty chemical market that is expanding rapidly. That said, investors must make sure to consider various important factors, such as strengths, weaknesses, threats of the company before investing in this stock.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can investors buy shares of Ami Organics?

To buy shares of Ami Organics, individuals who are new to investing can Open Demat Account with Angel One. Anyone already holding an online trading account with us can buy shares of this specialty chemical maker via the Angel One app.

  1. What is the ROE of Ami Organics?

The ROE of Ami Organics is 39.72%.

  1. Who are the promoters of Ami Organics?

The promoters of Ami Organics are Chetankumar Chhaganlal Vaghasia, Nareshkumar Ramjibhai Patel, and Parul Chetankumar Vaghasia.