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Scale up your trading game with Insta Trade

27 October 20226 mins read by Angel One
Scale up your trading game with Insta Trade
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Traders who have been operating in the markets for some time now know, without a doubt, that speed is key when it comes to executing successful trades. Picking the correct price point and exiting at the right time means you can end the trade with profit and re-enter the stock at a lower price point. Inverse this equation in the case of a ‘short’ trade. Either way, there is no escaping the fact that the right entry and exit point is what determines whether you end the day with a green or red-tinged P&L statement.

When speed is of such essence, you need an app that is quick on its feet, agile, light and super-responsive. Clunky apps which are overpopulated with too many irrelevant options and have an unfriendly interface hurts traders during crunch time.

This is why the app you use to trade- and the features that it provides- is so instrumental in helping you earn a good return from the markets. Insta Trade provides you with the right set of tools and data to make lightning quick decisions and move ahead on the path to profitability.

How can the Angel One’s Insta Trade  app help you?

Insta Trade  is designed for traders who love to ride out the volatility of the markets, be it bullish or bearish. Its interface has deliberately been kept clean, non-intrusive and intuitive. Traders will be able to easily switch between one option to another without wasting valuable time. It also has a watchlist for all your favourite go-to stocks so that you can easily keep an eye on a number of stocks.

Additionally, the app lets you look at more than just the daily trading chart and price movement of the stock. Historical data going back to one week, five weeks, months and even years can be easily seen in a chart pattern. The more relevant data at disposal for the trader, the better placed he is to make a smarter trade.

What’s more, options trading is simplified with the Instatrade feature on the Angel One app. Trading in options is faster and easier now. All you have to do is to tap on the InstaTrade option in the menu and select the index or the stock you wish to trade. After analysing the charts, the market direction and market sentiment, decide on the kind of trade that you wish to execute. If you are bullish on the index or the market, tap on buy call. If you are bearish, tap on buy put. Select the strike price on which you wish to trade and your order will be executed once you have placed the order.

How Angel One’s research gives your trading the direction it needs

Further, a trader cannot make a profit unless he is backed by solid, unshakeable research. Angel One’s research report gives the trader a lowdown of not just the Indian markets but the action that has transpired in the overseas markets as well. Traders necessarily need to know about market movement in other geographies as global markets tend to be highly integrated and capital generally ends up flowing from one market to another. Angel One’s incisive research gives the trader a bird’s-eye view of the market direction, sentiment and upper and lower ranges.

Our single-click overview allows traders to have a view of all the trades that they are interested in. Further, one can explore the long-term and short-term views of all these stocks. In case you are the kind of trader who is inclined towards analysing stocks on a technical basis, Angel One’s app has several data filters and technical indicators that will assist you in your intra-day and momentum trades.

When you click on the technical tab in the app, you will also find the future prospect of the share on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The derivatives tab gives you a quick overview of the options and futures market and the open interest of indices and stocks in the market.

What’s more, under the fundamentals tab, investors can scan through the financial statements of the company in which they are interested and their past and future revenue streams. That’s not all. Investors also get a peek at the shareholding patterns of all the stocks so that they don’t have to keep searching the internet or exchange websites looking to get the relevant information.

Bottom line

Trading is a tricky craft to master. It takes patience, skill and discipline. Acting whimsically can help one earn a profit once or twice but this is not a practical long-term strategy. For those, who are keen on moving up the ladder and scaling up their trading game, there is no alternative to a disciplined outlook and a reliable trading app.


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