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Sansera Engineering Raise on its D-Street Debut

05 August 20225 mins read by Angel One
Sansera Engineering Raise on its D-Street Debut
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Shares of Sansera Engineering got listed on the stock exchanges on 24 September 2021 Friday. Following a successful initial public offering, this company had set the issue price at Rs. 744. Here, we’ll be looking into how this company’s D-Street debut turned out to be.

Sansera Engineering Share Listing – Both NSE and BSE

Sansera Engineering made a decent stock market debut. Shares of the auto component manufacturer opened at Rs. 811.5 on the NSE, representing a 9% premium in comparison to the issue price. That said, the listing price on the BSE was Rs. 811.35. According to data, this company’s stock price surged 11% to Rs. 828 on the BSE.

At 10:01, shares of Sansera Engineering were trading at Rs 825.75 per unit, indicating a 2% increase against the listing price. The trading volume was approximately 3.3 million on the BSE and NSE in total.

For investors interested in buying shares of this company, it’s important to take into account various key aspects.

Read on to know about some key details regarding Sansera Engineering.

A Quick Glance at Sansera Engineering

Sansera Engineering engages in the production of complex engineered components for both the automotive and non-automotive sectors. Its operations in the automotive sector include the production of an extensive range of components required for motorcycles, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, and more.

For non-automotive sectors, this company produces and sells precision machine components to cater to various segments. Such segments include off-road, aerospace, and more.

Here’s What Makes Sansera Engineering Enticing

The following competitive advantages of Sansera Energy appear to be intriguing for investors:

  • Sansera Engineering has a highly skilled management team that comprises individuals having years of experience.
  • The company has managed to deliver impressive financial performances consistently.
  • Sansera has a multifaceted portfolio of products that caters to different segments.
  • This company is one of the leading manufacturers of premium precision engineered components in India.
  • The sectors in which it operates have immense potential to grow.
  • This company has managed to establish longstanding relationships with OEMs in India and all around the world.

Crucial Financial Details

The below table provides investors with an idea regarding Sansera Engineering’s financial position:

Financial Year Total Revenue (Rs.) Total Assets (Rs.) Profit after Tax (Rs.)
2018-19 16,408.09 million 17,454.84 million 980.64 million
2019-20 14,731.39 million 18,282.36 million 799.05 million
2020-21 15,723.64 million 19,288.83 million 1,098.60 million

Wrapping Up

After a favourable IPO performance, Sansera Engineering stock performed well on its D-Street Debut. However, if you’re looking to invest in shares of this company, make sure to consider various aspects other than its strengths and financials. Such details include weaknesses, threats, opportunities, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the debt-to-equity ratio of Sansera Engineering?

The debt-to-equity ratio of Sansera Engineering is 0.77.

  1. What are some of the listed peers of Sansera Engineering?

Some of the listed peers of Sansera Engineering are Wabco India, Suprajit Engineering, Steel Strips Wheels, and Jamna Auto Inds.

  1. How can one buy shares of Sansera Engineering?

To buy shares of Sansera Engineering, new investors can open a DEMAT account with Angel One. However, individuals who already are customers of Angel One can invest in this stock through the Angel One app.


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