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Sadhana Nitro Chem: Analysing the green hydrogen venture and strategic rights issue

07 December 20235 mins read by Angel One
This article delves into Sadhana Nitro Chem's bold foray into green hydrogen production and its strategic fundraising efforts through a rights issue.
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A Sustainable Step Forward 

Sadhana Nitro Chem Ltd., a leading manufacturer of intermediate speciality chemicals, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to enter the green hydrogen market. The company plans to build a 15-20 MW green hydrogen facility powered by solar and wind energy, primarily for captive use at its existing plant and expansion of its para-aminophenol (pAP) production. This move aligns with Sadhana’s commitment to environmental sustainability and positions the company as a frontrunner in the green energy space.

Rights Issue

To finance this ambitious project, Sadhana has announced a rights issue to raise up to Rs. 49.95 crores. The rights shares will be offered at Rs. 121 per share, representing a premium of Rs. 120. The funds raised will primarily be used for acquiring a 126-acre land plot to house the green hydrogen facility. This initiative demonstrates Sadhana’s proactive approach to securing its energy supply and achieving cost savings.

Strategic Advantages of Backward Integration 

Building the green hydrogen facility offers several strategic advantages for Sadhana. It allows the company to:

  1. Control its energy supply: By generating its own clean energy, Sadhana becomes less reliant on external energy sources and potentially reduces energy costs.
  2. Enhance operational efficiency: Integrating renewable energy sources can optimize production processes and reduce environmental impact.
  3. Gain a competitive edge: Sadhana’s commitment to sustainability and green technology positions it favourably in a market increasingly focused on environmental responsibility.

Financial Performance Highlights 

Sadhana’s recent financial performance demonstrates its strong position in the market and bolsters its expansion plans:

  1. The company experienced a 15% increase in revenue from operations in Q2FY24 compared to Q2FY23, driven by strong global demand for its products, particularly ODB2.
  2. Sadhana’s EBITDA witnessed a remarkable 173.36% increase in Q2FY24, attributed to favourable raw material prices and enhanced operational efficiency.
  3. Exports contributed to 25.92% of the company’s total revenues in Q2FY24, highlighting its global reach and market penetration.

Recent Developments 

  1. SNCL has reached a significant milestone by becoming the second plant globally to manufacture pAP from Nitrobenzene, a method ensuring higher purity and garnering approvals from discerning clients in Europe, Japan, and Turkey.
  2. SNCL aligns itself with green chemistry principles by utilizing the Nitrobenzene method, generating zero effluent, and avoiding chlorine-based ingredients. This commitment to sustainability earned approval from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.
  3. Dedicated quality efforts have resulted in its pAP surpassing even global competitors’ standards, gaining recognition and approval from international clientele.
  4. With targeted levels of quality and production throughput achieved, SNCL is determined to expand its product supply to both international and domestic markets. The company plans to become the world’s leading pAP manufacturer within three years.

Future Outlook 

Sadhana’s management anticipates continued growth in H2FY24, driven by declining Chinese inventories and rising global demand. This optimistic outlook is further supported by:

  1. Reduced raw material and commodity prices: This trend is expected to continue, benefiting Sadhana’s profitability.
  2. Increased production capacity: The company is actively expanding its production capabilities to meet growing demand.
  3. Focus on R&D and innovation: Sadhana continuously invests in research and development to enhance its product offerings and remain competitive.


Sadhana Nitro Chem’s green hydrogen venture positions the company as a leader in sustainability and innovation within the intermediate speciality chemicals industry. This ambitious project, coupled with the strategic rights issue, provides the financial resources needed to fuel Sadhana’s growth and solidify its position as a global leader.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions.

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