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Revolt Motors Makes a Splash at Sri Lanka’s Electric Vehicle Motor Show 2024

11 July 20242 mins read by Angel One
Revolt Motors, among other international participants, showcased its innovative electric motorcycles, highlighting futuristic design and sustainable mobility solutions
Revolt Motors Makes a Splash at Sri Lanka’s Electric Vehicle Motor Show 2024
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Revolt Motors, a subsidiary of Rattanindia Enterprises Ltd and India’s leading electric motorcycle company, roared into the spotlight at Sri Lanka’s inaugural Electric Vehicle Motor Show (EVMS) 2024. Held from June 28th to 30th at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH), the event marked a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s journey towards sustainable transportation.

Revolt Motors stood out amidst a field of international participants, showcasing their cutting-edge electric motorcycles. These bikes embodied futuristic design and offered a glimpse into the future of mobility solutions. Notably, the event drew a remarkable crowd of approximately 25,000 attendees, underlining the growing public interest in electric vehicles.

The Revolt booth was a hub of activity, with a staggering 95% of visitors being young enthusiasts. These potential customers expressed significant interest in the stylish and performance-driven electric bikes. The design and colour options garnered much appreciation, with the mono-shock and golden upside-down forks particularly catching the eye. Additionally, the price range resonated with many visitors, highlighting the attractive value proposition offered by Revolt.

Revolt Motors’ participation in the EVMS extended beyond simply showcasing their products. It served as a powerful statement of their unwavering commitment to electric mobility, a vision that resonates with Sri Lanka’s push towards a sustainable future. Furthermore, by engaging directly with potential customers, Revolt Motors reaffirmed its dedication to fostering strong customer relationships and prioritising innovation and customer satisfaction. This successful showing at the EVMS signifies Revolt’s potential as a key player in the burgeoning Sri Lankan electric vehicle market.

Ms. Anjali Rattan Nashier, Co-Chairperson of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited, the parent company of Revolt Motors, commented on the success of the event, stating, “We are delighted by the incredible response we received at the Sri Lanka EV Expo 2024. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from young riders have strengthened our confidence in the future of electric vehicles in Sri Lanka. Witnessing such enthusiasm excites us about the potential to make a significant impact in this market. Sri Lanka holds immense promise for us, and we are excited to explore this emerging market further.”

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