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Multibagger Stocks Offering 320% Return Within One Month; Get More Details Here!

22 February 20235 mins read by Angel One
Multibagger Stocks Offering 320% Return Within One Month; Get More Details Here!
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With the onset of New Year 2022, several stocks have come under the category of multi-bagger stocks in the Indian market. Such a situation has occurred amidst negative trends in the stock market for the past two weeks. Shareholders have received impressive returns from some ‘B’ and ‘X’ category stocks.

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Which Are the Major Multibagger Stocks of 2022?

Following is a list of multi-bagger penny stocks and multi-bagger stocks with stellar returns during last month:

Ruttonsha International Rectifier

This is an ‘X’ group small-cap stock that has risen to Rs. 515.85 from Rs. 195 apiece levels, increasing about 165% during this time. It is at its fifty-two-week high at present. However, its fifty-two-week low was Rs. 30.15 for each share.

The stock’s P/E ratio is 141.70, whereas its present market capitalization is around Rs. 376 crores as of writing. It is a circuit-to-circuit stock with a trading volume of 4,202 (much below its average volume of 14,608 for the previous 20 days).

BCL Enterprises

During last month, this BSE-listed ‘X’ group stock price has increased to Rs. 43.80 from Rs. 15.40, appreciating nearly 185% during this period. This stock is at fifty-two-week high at present and its fifty-two-week low was Rs. 6.66 for each share.

It is a multi-bagger penny stock of 2022, having a book value of 12.96 per share. As of writing, its current market capitalization is Rs. 25 crores. The present trade volume of 36,299 is much below its average volume of about Rs. 1.50 lakhs for the last 20 days.

Bhakti Gems and Jewellery

It is a multi-bagger penny stock that has increased to Rs. 42.65 from about Rs. 15 apiece levels, rising nearly 180% during the previous one month. Its current fifty-two-week high is Rs. 91.95, while its fifty-two-week low was Rs. 10.60 for each share. This small-cap stock has a discount of around 50% from this fifty-two-week high.

It is a ‘B’ group stock with a market capitalization of Rs. 42 crores as of writing and a book value of above 15 per share. Its present trade volume of 6,77,276 is much above its average volume of 4,19,585 for the past 20 days.

AK Spintex

This small-cap stock has increased to Rs. 103.10 from Rs. 24.50 apiece levels, appreciating about 320% during this time. As of writing, the market capitalization of this multi-bagger stock is nearly Rs. 52 crores. It is a BSE-listed stock that is now obtainable at its fifty-two-week high. The fifty-two-week low of this stock is Rs. 18.10 for each share.

It has a P/E ratio of 75.81 as of writing, which is way above the sector PE of around 31. This ‘X’ group stock has a book value of 42.52 per share. The present volume is 26,140, which is below the previous 20 days’ average of 33,861.

KIFS Financial Services

The price of this ‘X’ group BSE-listed stock has risen to Rs. 162.10 from Rs. 43.85 apiece, offering around 270% return during the previous month. At present, this stock is at a fifty-two-week high, and its market capitalization is nearly Rs. 175 crores as of writing.

This multi-bagger stock had a fifty-two-week low of Rs. 32.55 for each share. As of writing, the stock’s dividend is 0.77%, and the P/E ratio is 38.80. It has a present trade volume of 1300 that is lower than the average trade volume of Rs. 11,016 for the past 20 days.

Wrapping Up

An investor has to be patient with the stock market. One has to stay invested in the Indian stock market, believing its business model and profitability in the long run. Stock investors who stay insulated from the short-run triggers can garner whooping returns in 2022. having said that, one should always invest in stocks after proper research of the company and thorough study of market trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the multi-bagger share price rise of Eicher Motors?

The share price of Eicher Motors rose to Rs. 2,618 from Rs. 3.18, increasing nearly 82,225% during 20 years.

2. What is the market capitalization and P/E ratio of Eicher Motors?

As of writing, the market capitalization of Eicher Motors is around Rs. 71,330 crores. It has a P/E ratio of 42.95.

3. What is the multi-bagger return for Suumaya Industries?

The shares of Suumaya Industries have given an impressive return of above 105% within a year. The price of each share of this company has increased to above Rs. 289 apiece from Rs. 140.

Disclaimer: This blog is exclusively for educational purposes and does not provide any advice/tips on investment or recommend buying and selling any stock.

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