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Muharat Trading for Millennials

09 August 20225 mins read by Angel One
Muharat Trading for Millennials
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Muharat trading is a non-scheduled trading session of about one hour on Diwali, the festival of lights. The stock exchanges announce the hour and notify traders and investors alike to pitch in. This means that for an hour every Diwali, the stock market become abuzz with trading activities. As such, Muharat is an occasion in which the investing and trading communities pay tribute to goddess Lakshmi, the benevolent deity of wealth and prosperity, and celebrate the start of ‘Samvat’ or the New Year. 

Why is there a Muharat trading in the first place?

Muharat trading is a practice that dates back to the year 1957 when trading started for the first time at BSE to tap the benefits of ‘Shubh Muharats’ or auspicious times. The stock exchanges viz. Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange announce the trading session’s specific time. Therefore, hour-long trading allows the Sensex& Nifty to close on a higher note since a majority of the orders are buying orders. 

It is widely believed that Muharat trading brings prosperity and wealth. Also, this auspicious occasion is believed to ward off the evil forces of loss. To that end, as the people of Dalal Street transition to a new accounting calendar, they ensure maximum wealth creation with value investing in high-growth stocks. On this special occasion, many investors even purchase stocks for their children, which are usually held for a long period of time.

Muharat trading hour is an ideal entry point for Millennials

It has been a long-held notion that the Muharat trading hour is the perfect time for millennials to enter the market. There is also a very good rationale behind this revered notion. As the day pulls into the Muharat trading session, people enter a buying phase and stock prices become less volatile, and only a few clusters of people contribute to volatility. Therefore, for first time investors and stock traders alike, tapping into the Muharat occasion is very important as the price trends reflect a positive account of what’s transpiring both in the national and global communities. 

Furthermore, there is one more noble reason why making an entry into the stock market during Muharat trading hour is deemed auspicious. It is believed that during Muharat occasion, the planets align themselves in such a manner that the work performed during this specific time is free from the influences of evil forces and, therefore, one is more likely to see a rewarding outcome. To that end, trading in the stock markets during Muharat trading hour is believed to result in prosperity and wealth. However, it is advised to avoid superstition and always go for value-driven investing. You can take the help of investment engines for the same.

What should one keep in mind while trading or investing for the first time?

The thumb rule of a prudent investment applies to veteran investors and newbies alike – one should always leverage sound research before making an investment decision. And once you have bought a stock, you must stay invested in the medium to long term as this is the tried-and-tested method to book good profits from one’s holdings. This takes us to the significance of the role of financial experts and managers. If you are an investor with a good sense of business, you will do well by tapping tech-driven solutions including investment engines while investing. 

Why investment engines when you can make your own decision as an individual? Investing for the first time does have its novelty and thrill. But state-of-the-art investment engines analyze more than 1 billion data points before extending every stock recommendation. It is a reason good enough to trust their decision.

Final Note

As simple as it may sound, investing your money allows you to grow it. You can generate a handsome Return on Investment (ROI) over time via investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. Also, stock investments comprise an optimized way of saving money for your end-to-end needs. They also offer superior liquidity. So, zero in on your stock(s) and hop onto the Muharat Trading bandwagon this year for a remarkable investment journey.

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