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Maximize Your Trading Potential: Now Manage Up to 10 Watchlists on Angel One

12 February 20246 mins read by Angel One
Experience unparalleled portfolio control only on Angel One. Create up to 10 watchlists for monitoring up to 500 stocks, efficient organization, and enhanced portfolio management. Elevate your trading experience with our latest feature upgrade.
Maximize Your Trading Potential: Now Manage Up to 10 Watchlists on Angel One
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We hear everything! Due to continuous feedback from you and evolving market demands, we are excited to introduce a significant enhancement – an increase in the maximum number of watchlists up to 10. Let’s discuss this feature in detail.

What’s New?

  • Up To 10 Watchlists:

We understand that 5 watchlists may be restricting for active users who wish to keep a close eye on a broader range of stocks. Let’s say, in 5 watchlists, you could only manage to keep an eye out on a maximum of 250 stocks. And that’s not enough for pro traders. So, while you trade, let 500 stocks be on your watch at all times. With up to 10 watchlists, you can categorize in a detailed manner and track your investments/trades much better. 

  • Stay Organized:

One of the major criteria that traders expressed as a need is “Categorization”. The ability to categorize stocks based on criteria such as sectors, risk levels, capitalization, and more provides traders with a powerful tool for making much smarter and informed decisions.

How it powers an investor with a strategic eye on the market

Let’s say you are an investor and you have 5 watchlists tracking multiple stocks already. You might prefer to track more stocks across other preferences.

We decided to simplify this process for you and brought you the capacity to add 10 watchlists dedicated to your investment and trading goals. So now you can categorize by:

  • Sectors (Auto, Finance, Chemicals, Pharma etc.)
  • Indices (Nifty 50, Nifty Bank, FIN Nifty etc.)
  • Market cap (Large, Mid, Small)
  • Income generation (Dividend-yielding  Stocks)
  • Strong fundamentals (P/E ratio, EPS etc.)
  • Value stocks & More

How it gives traders higher control to make time-sensitive decisions

Similarly FNO stocks are time sensitive in terms of expiry. So as a trader, you can benefit from 10 watchlists by increasing your tracking limit to 500 contracts. 

Let’s assume, you’d like to buy 20 contracts that expire in 3 years, 30 that expire in a year and 50 that expire in the next weeks or 11 months.

Now with 10 watchlists, you have the freedom to keep an eye on  your trades clearly without affecting your existing watchlists that capture other criteria.

All-in-all, with 10 watchlists, your investments and trades (across various criteria) are under your scrutiny at all times on Angel One. You can also refer to our suggested watchlists while creating a new watchlist, which saves you the time & effort and lets you streamline your strategies. 

How to add a new watchlist?

Now that you know what the feature is all about, let’s talk about how you can add a new watchlist and customize it as per your need.

How to add a new watchlist?

User benefits

With the ability to create and manage up to 10 watchlists, users will experience several advantages
  • Focussed Monitoring:

Users can now create watchlists for different sectors, risk levels, or investment goals, allowing for a more focussed and strategic approach to portfolio management.

  • Better Organization:

Managing stocks becomes more effective with a broader categorization of watchlists, providing users with a clearer overview of their investments.

  • Enhanced Tracking:

Keep track of a larger number of stocks and portfolios simultaneously, enabling users to make informed decisions in real-time.

Final Words

In conclusion, these enhancements may cater to diverse user needs, but they all share a common goal – our unwavering commitment to transforming our stock broking app into a space where users can transcend conventional limits. If the advancements mentioned resonate with your trading aspirations, consider exploring the full potential by using our upgraded app. Open a demat account with us today and become part of our growing community at Angel One. Stay connected for future updates that will continue to elevate your trading experience!

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