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LIC IPO: 7 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Allotment

08 August 20226 mins read by Angel One
LIC IPO: 7 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Allotment
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The initial public offering of LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) is going to be the biggest one that India has ever witnessed so far. Several individuals across the nation have bought policies from this company just to be eligible to participate in this event. With such hype and enthusiasm among investors, one should be aware of every possible hack to increase his or her chances of share allotment in this blockbuster event.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Allotment in the LIC IPO 

Investors from the entire nation and abroad are eagerly waiting for this mega IPO to go live. So, here are some useful tips to help you increase your chances of share allotment in this initial share sale.

Tip 1: Subscribe through friends and family De-mat accounts

You can use accounts of your friends and family to place multiple bids in this much-awaited public issue of LIC. Creating a de-mat account is free and seamless with angelone.

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Tip 2: Go for Small Bids

The allotment procedure of SEBI gives equal preference to all the retail investors subscribing to an IPO. So, placing small bids from multiple accounts instead of going for big bids using a single account vastly increases your chances of share allotment. Opting for smaller bids in this public issue will help you invest the remaining money in other IPOs as well.

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Tip 3: Don’t Apply at the Last Moment

If you have already decided to subscribe to the LIC IPO, do it as soon as it goes live. Applications at the eleventh hour are often unsuccessful due to a lack of response from the bank’s end. Several reasons like high QIB and HNI subscriptions and technical issues can prevent banks from acknowledging your application at the last moment. So, try to apply for the IPO in the first two days.

Tip 4: Don’t Go below the Cut-off Price

A cut-off price in an initial public offering is the upper limit of the price band set by the company. Hyped IPOs like the one from LIC often end up oversubscribed, which means that everyone has bid for shares at the cut-off price. If you bid at a price lower than that in such a scenario, your chances of securing an allotment are next to zero. You should also know that the company refunds the excess amount if the price is lower.

Tip 5: Be Careful with the Application Form

You have waited long enough for this mega IPO of LIC. So, don’t rush and commit any errors while filling out the application form for this public issue. Fill in all the details like name, amount, bank details, DP ID, etc., correctly. In this regard, one can also opt for printed forms to minimize the chances of any error. However, the simplest and most secure method of applying for this IPO is via ASBA.

Tip 6: For the Employees of LIC

Your chances of securing an allotment of shares in the LIC IPO are significantly higher if you are an employee of this company. The largest insurer in India has reserved 1.58 crore shares for its employees. In addition, an employee of LIC can subscribe to this mega IPO via the retail category if he or she fulfills the eligibility parameters.

Tip 7: For the Policyholders of LIC

LIC has additionally reserved 3.16 crore equity shares in this much-awaited public issue for its 26 crore policyholders. So, you have a higher chance of share allotment in this initial share sale if you hold a valid policy from this insurer. A policyholder who is also an employee of LIC can apply through the employee and retail category as well. However, only individuals who have Demat accounts and have linked their PAN to their policy are eligible to subscribe to this initial public offering.

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Bottom Line

Experts believe that such hype and enthusiasm among native as well as foreign investors will likely lead to an oversubscription of the LIC IPO. Oversubscriptions often come with listing gains. However, securing an allotment of shares also becomes more difficult in such cases. Hence, individuals can go through the tips mentioned above to increase their chances of share allotment in this much-awaited initial public offering of LIC.

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