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Latest Features of the Angel One iOS App for a Better Trading Experience

02 June 20236 mins read by Angel One
Listing IPO best practices, summaries of both portfolio and positions, key formatting changes in options and more - the new set of features are all about empowering users with key information!
Latest Features of the Angel One iOS App for a Better Trading Experience
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We, at Angel One, are committed to providing you with the best investing and trading experience. We are keeping the platform simple for beginners and swift for advanced traders, while simultaneously factoring in the user’s feedback.

Let us now present you with a few examples of how we have been making trader-centric innovations, based on user feedback, on the Angel One iOS app!

Best Practices in IPO

IPOs usually require investors to commit a fairly serious amount of capital – this is because the minimum investment in a single IPO may go into thousands of rupees. However, new retail investors may not be aware of the common practices which should be followed for successfully investing in IPOs.

In this context, we wish to empower our beginner-level investors by providing a ready list of best practices that should be followed while investing in IPOs.

If you go to the Home page of the Angel One app and click on IPO, on the top you will find two cards which say – 

  1. Learn everything about IPO and how to invest – Here you will find a comprehensive video on –
    • Basics of IPOs
    • Factors influencing their allotments and application rejections
    • A 3-step process required to invest in IPOs.
  2. Know the best practices to maximise IPO allocations – Clicking this will give you the list of 7 important steps that you should take in order to successfully apply for an IPO. Scrolling down, you will find the option to ‘Know More’ which will take you to a detailed article on IPO best practices.

Best practices for IPO

Fig.1: Best practices for IPO

The suggestions are designed to help a new investor easily navigate the tricks to find success in IPO investments. 

In addition to this, once you place an IPO order, you can now easily track the order status by reaching the detailed IPO order page from the ‘IPO Orders’ list. 

Tracking IPO Order Status

Fig.2: Tracking IPO Order Status

Let us now see a few more major changes that you can find on the new Angel One iOS version!

Position Summary

When you open the Home Page, you see a card showing the performance of your portfolio. However, with the new changes in effect, you will also be able to see a card showing you a summary of your positions. The exact contents of the card include –

  1. Total Gain/Loss
  2. Unrealised G/L
  3. Realised G/L
  4. No. of Open Positions

Clicking on this card will take the user to the positions page. This will help you track the performance of your overall position (and not just the holdings in your portfolio), directly from the Home page itself.

Greater Focus on Additional Option Details

In an option contract name, the index is often focused upon more than the other details. However, given the fact that a large chunk of the futures  and options are executed on the same set of indices (e.g. Nifty 50, BankNifty  and Finnifty etc.), it makes sense to give adequate focus on the other details as well. These details include – 

  1. Type of derivative e.g. future, call option (CE) or put option (PE)
  2. Strike Price
  3. Expire Date

The change will be made applicable to watchlists (both regular and options watchlists), Open Orders page and Positions page.

This feature may come across as only a minor change in formatting. However, allowing the user to focus on the more intricate details of the derivatives will have a much greater impact on creating a more seamless trading experience for them. 

What is More in This Release ?

We have added a few more enhancements in current release. Below is the consolidated list – 

  1. You now have the option to download a detailed Tax P&L Statement, alongside the regular P&L statement in the Account section.
  2. In case a stranger catches hold of your phone and opens the account, a failure to enter the MPIN would now also require the stranger to enter PAN and DOB (and not just an OTP). Hence your account is now more secure than before.
  3. Date range of P&L statement is now the beginning of the financial year till the day before.
  4. You can also view upcoming IPOs in not only the coming few weeks but the entire year.
  5. If you cancel your IPO application or your application gets rejected due to external reasons (e.g. mandate expired, invalid UPI ID or other technical reasons, etc.) then you will still have the option to “Apply Again“ on the Order page.

The iPad Experience

There is good news for trading enthusiasts using iPads as major enhancements have been made for frequent traders. Your new iPad trading experience will be much more seamless, given the swifter interaction that has been enabled between the key modules of Option Chains, Charts and Orderpad. The new order journey is going to be highly flexible, data-driven and hassle-free as the user will have all the key information they need just one click away!


It is an exciting thing to tell you all about the new milestones that the Angel One app is reaching every day. Upgrade to the latest version of the Angel One app today to enjoy the improved trading experience! Also, join the Angel One Community Page to find out about more exciting features of the Angel One app!


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