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Introducing Smart API

23 December 20225 mins read by Angel One
Introducing Smart API
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Market conditions are always evolving, and so are the factors that drive these shifts in the market. rule based trading has gained the focus of traders and tech leaders and builders alike in the past few years. But the difference in the rule based trading landscape today, and a few years back is this: back in 2010s, rule based trading was simply a buzzword – but now, rule based trading is seeing interest outside institutional investing. 

Today, rule based trading has already made inroads into the Indian retail investor market and it is no longer just cool talk. Now, you can kickstart your rule based trading practice within a matter of days, without worrying about a tech-company like infrastructure to back it up. The time has come to trade smart, not hard – that’s why, Angel One is proud to announce its SmartAPI – something that will change the way rule based trading has been done in  India for years to come. 

SmartAPI: Making rule based trading accessible for everyone

SmartAPI is not built solely for experienced programmers. If you are interested in rule based trading, then SmartAPI is for you no matter who you are – an experienced investor, a fintech company looking to build the next smartest trading platform, an advisor who is looking to upscale their practice, a novice trader who is merely getting their feet wet in the markets, or a tech enthusiast who wants to fiddle with code to understand the markets better. The best part about SmartAPI is that it is free of cost – which means that you can sign up for it as you read this article.

We take care of the routine stuff – and we do it well

When we built the SmartAPI, we wanted to make it accessible not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of usability. That’s why, SmartAPI let’s you do what you are great at, and what you want to do, instead of making you focus your efforts on coding. Currently, SmartAPI is available in five languages – Python, Java, R, Go and NodeJS, and we are already in the process of releasing SmartAPI modules in a couple more languages very soon. SmartAPI modules are well documented, and we provide you with plug-and-play functionalities for doing the routine stuff, like streaming live market data, historical data, executing trades, and even maintaining the user’s portfolio.

Where we really excel

SmartAPI can help you enter the world of rule based trading within a matter of hours – all you need to do is to sign up for free and create an app from within our intuitive, clean, and easy-to-navigate dashboard – that’s all. While you might find these capabilities anywhere, what we also bring along with our secure implementation architecture, is unmatched visibility and support. SmartAPI is not just for the everyday retail rule based-trader, but also for companies that aspire to build cutting-edge applications and services that have the potential to disrupt the markets. That’s why, our documentation is detailed enough for developers, but easy enough to be understood by first time self-doers. What’s more, we bring a lively and responsive forum, where we monitor topics to provide support to your unique queries, and fast.

We also understand the challenges of taking your services to the right people. That’s why, when you build your trading (or market analysis) platform with SmartAPI, you also get access to and visibility amongst thousands of loyal clients of Angel One. All that you need to focus on is building features that are unique to you, while we make sure that your innovation doesn’t go unnoticed!

If you are wondering whether or not SmartAPI is the right product for your use case, all you need to do is to go to our website and check out our documentation. Beyond functionalities, we also understand the challenges that experiences developers and first-time rule based traders face on a daily basis – that’s why, our APIs are well-structured, secure, and return the data to your systems in a structured JSON format, which makes it easy to focus on coding your strategies and building core functionalities. Whether you are looking to build a desktop application, a mobile app, or even a modular web application – SmartAPI is the right choice for you. Go to our website and sign up today for free, to discover the horizons that SmartAPI can open up for your trading and development needs.

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