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Effortless Investing: Introducing 1-Click SIP on Angel One

28 May 20245 mins read by Angel One
Discover financial ease with 'SIP with Autopay.' Set up your Systematic Investment Plan with a simple click, and enjoy seamless automatic payments. Embrace simplicity, and watch your wealth grow effortlessly. Join the revolution now!
Effortless Investing: Introducing 1-Click SIP on Angel One
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Say goodbye to manual payments and embrace hands-off investing. With ‘SIP with Autopay,’ contributions are seamlessly deducted, ensuring a disciplined approach to wealth-building. Welcome to the future of investing – where simplicity meets financial empowerment.

What’s New?

Discover the ease of ‘1-Click SIP’ – a groundbreaking solution for hassle-free investing. No more manual transaction complexities or juggling payment apps. This feature transforms the way you set up your Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), simplifying the process into an enjoyable experience. In just two clicks, configure your SIP, set your investment amount, and let automation take care of the rest. Watch your investments grow consistently without the stress of missed payments or manual processes. Embrace a future where simplicity meets financial empowerment – all in the palm of your hand.

Swift SIP Setup & Automatic Payments:

Experience the convenience of ‘1-Click SIP,’ providing a seamless SIP setup in just a few clicks. Save time, eliminate complexity, and bid farewell to manual transactions. This feature introduces automatic payments, ensuring timely deductions from your bank account, and allowing your investments to grow consistently.

Simplify with Integration:

Forget the hassle of using different payment apps. ‘1-Click SIP’ integrates seamlessly, streamlining the process and allowing you to focus on your investment strategy. Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience without unnecessary steps and complexities.

Placing your SIP Order in 1 Click:

Experience the simplicity of ‘1-Click SIP’ in placing your SIP order:

Prerequisite: Ensure you have an active Autopay.


  • Log In:

Head to our platform and log in to your account. The secure and user-friendly interface ensures a seamless login experience.

  • SIP with Autopay:

Navigate to the SIP section and select ‘SIP with Autopay.’ This intuitive feature is prominently displayed for easy access.

  • Click to Confirm:

Choose your investment amount and click to confirm. Yes, it’s that simple! Your SIP is now set, and payments will be taken care of automatically, thanks to the power of Autopay.

Quick Tip: How to Setup Autopay for the 1st time?

Well, Now you don’t need to struggle with setting up autopay as a 1st time user. After you have paid the first installment of your SIP just follow these steps –

  • Select Autopay and Enter Details:

Look for the “Autopay” section under SIP. Enter the required billing details prompted on the screen.

  • Approve the Payment Mandate:

Choose your preferred way to pay, whether it’s your debit card, UPI, or linked savings account. Review the payment amount and schedule. Then approve the payment mandate from your preferred mode of payment.

  • Autopay is Setup:

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up autopay. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that your SIPs are paid on time, every time.

Autopay is the new way: Embrace Simplicity, Embrace Growth

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of ‘1-Click SIP’. Become part of our growing community, transforming your investment journey effortlessly.

Ready for Transformation?

Update your Angel One App to the latest version to get started today with ‘1-Click SIP.’ Invest smart, revolutionize your approach, and turn your financial goals into reality. The future of investing is here – embrace it with open arms!

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