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Increase Lead Conversions Using Advanced Client Onboarding Tools of NXT 2.0

06 March 20235 mins read by Angel One
With finer targeting of leads through easily navigable data as well as the scope of actively assisting leads at every step of the onboarding journey, NXT 2.0 is the tool for the future sub-broker!
Increase Lead Conversions Using Advanced Client Onboarding Tools of NXT 2.0
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Increase Lead Conversions Using Advanced Client Onboarding Tools of NXT 2.0

Sales is an art that has a process of its own, irrespective of the industry. However, it is not necessarily an individual sport – quite often it is a combination of the salesperson, his/her team, their mentors, the channels that they use to reach the customer and the technology that they use to streamline the process and improve the same.

Well, when it comes to the business of sub-broker (now known as authorised persons), NXT 2.0 (the online platform for the authorised persons partnering with Angel One) is the perfect tool to streamline the sales process in order to increase both the number and quality of leads and conversions!

To be more specific, the latest advanced client onboarding tools brought out on NXT 2.0 is going to revolutionise how subrokers nurture their leads.

Top client onboarding features

The following are some of the finest features that sub-brokers are going to love when it comes to the client nurturing and onboarding process on NXT 2.0 – 

1. Segregation of clients based on the completion stage 

Suppose you are a sub-broker with hundreds of clients currently part of the onboarding process (i.e. people who have shown interest in allowing you to be their sub-broker but who have not started actively trading yet).  

Now using NXT 2.0, you can know exactly how many clients are stuck at which stages of the onboarding process. Say 150 are yet to fill in bank account details while 25 have finished the process but have not yet put the money in the trading account. In this case, you are perfectly placed to make the decision to prioritise training your business development executives to help out your clients to fill in their banking details. In other words, NXT here gives you the power to make better decisions to grow your business.

Fig: Client onboarding summary page

2. Easily navigable data on leads

While the above feature along with a plethora of others is here to help you make informed decisions, just the presence of a lot of information is not enough. The data must be easily navigable so that you can demand and analyse data efficiently as if they are at your fingertips.

To meet this end, you can now go on NXT 2.0 and view the data as per your preference by filtering and sorting the data on leads based on the various metrics available. For example, if you want to view data restricted to a timeline, you can filter the data of a particular quarter, month or even week. If you want to compare data from various time periods you can do so too!

Fig: Data of individual clients

With those metrics in place, you can easily track changes in the performance of all your leads over time and prioritise your sales strategy and targeting accordingly. For example, you can use the data on lead engagement performance to identify which leads are most likely to convert and target those leads with higher rates of success with the same effort! Thereafter, you can replicate and reiterate that success rate by using the detailed leads reports generated by the same platform, NXT 2.0!

3. Option to complete assisted journey

Sometimes the client may not have the required capability or the enthusiasm to complete the onboarding process by themselves – they may have hit a roadblock while registering or they may simply not have enough time to sit down with all the documents one day and fill out all the requisite forms.

In such cases, you, the sub-broker can request your client to send in the documents required at their convenience and then complete the user signup journey on the client’s behalf. This will save valuable time in converting a lead into a customer, it will increase the level of trust the customer has in you and also save you from a possible loss of lead due to reluctance/inertia/sales resistance.

Final words

We, at Angel One, believe that no technology can replace the incredible amount of hard work and spirit of entrepreneurship that the sub-brokers and their teams display every single day! So, we consider it our duty to provide the best technology available and beyond to our beloved partners in order to assist them in growing their businesses by giving them a competitive edge over their rivals. Join the Angel One family today and sign up as an authorised person with Angel One, India’s trusted broker!

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