Intermittent Issues at CDSL are Resolved

20 November 2022
1 min read
CDSL was intermittently down on 17th & 18th Nov & resumed on 20th Nov. Few regular services like Settlements & Portfolio on Angel One got impacted. The services are now resumed as CDSL is up.
Intermittent Issues at CDSL are Resolved

What is happening at CDSL

CDSL has isolated its systems from all broking platforms and other intermediaries involved in capital markets as a security measure on 18th and 19th November. CDSL has restored all connections today and services on Angel One will run as expected from 20th November.

How does it impact broking platforms ?

Angel One and other broking platforms consume information from CDSL to process funds/ withdrawals. Broking platforms also utilize CDSL services to display holdings and P&L on your portfolio.

Below are the services that are impacted across Angel One website and mobile applications:

  • Funds pay-in and pay-out will be delayed 
  • Holdings & P&L values on portfolio  might be inaccurate 
  • Trades done on Friday (18/11) might not get booked under MTF and the positions might get squared off on T+7
  • Users will not see enhanced limits based on their pledged Holdings
  • Margin requirement displayed for buy/sell might be inaccurately reported 

Note : The above services were restored on 20th November

Angel One Says 

CDSL has resolved the  intermittent issues and all the  impacted services on Angel One, mentioned above will resume today.